Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: Almost to Infinity

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The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are here, bringing with them a new taller display in a body that’s smaller than ever before, but should you buy them?

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  1. How come, that every android phone i buy, they are alot less snappy, than the ones i see on these kinds of videos? Can someone give me some advice, to prevent my devices to be so slow? less snappy than showed on reviews

  2. I was thinking about getting this phone but with the small 3,000 mAh battery and him saying about 3.5-4 hours screen time, I have some doubts now. Disappointing. He also ripped the speaker with “decent at best” comment.

  3. I'm left handed, and I kind of like the fingerprint sensor placement. a friend at work has the s8 plus, and I think if it were just a little smaller it would be even better. So I know what phone to get.

  4. I actually think that the fingerprint reader is a really good place and I do not understand all the reviewers complaining about it. Probably they used for a week or less and found it not comfortable. The reality is that I missed it just the first couple of weeks, after this learning time, I did not have any issues with it. Beside this, the phone is just awesome.

  5. Okay so this is what i don't get. People complain when a phone doesn't have everything (like the iphone getting rid of the headphone jack) but then they complain if it tries to do everything (the S8). Wtf

  6. this is, without a doubt the best s8 review ive seen so far. only recently got myself an oppo r11, which works like a charm but there are some slight bits im definitely not a fan off. had the 2015 a8 before this and i definitely had my regrets switching phone. unfortunately, my 2 years contract only ends mid 2019 so that's when i either switch back to my a8 (if it isnt dead by then, and i still like it) or get something new. currently eyeing the s8 and 2018 a8, those 2 have been capturing my attention since release. with more and more people having them, that's definitely a phone i need in my life. everything about the s8 is jst perfect imo!!