Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: The Good, The Bad, The Best

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been launched with much fanfare across the globe and it will soon be available in different countries, including India (May 5). Well, we have been using the S8 for more than 10 days now, so here is our full fledged and detailed Galaxy S8 review. We are not doing a usual review, instead we are talking about all the good, great and bad things about the S8.

In the video, we are talking about the S8’s display, design, camera, speakers, bundled earphones, fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, face recognition, performance, Bixby battery, user interface etc. We are also comparing the Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel.

While we are reviewing the S8, the points should make sense for the S8 Plus as well.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Google Pixel Camera Comparison:

7 New Galaxy S8 Features That Make It Amazing:

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  1. Thanks for sharing information. If u had use Samsung s5 phone you might have notice that you have tilt little bit to hear voice clearly without touching the display while you are taking, does this same problem is with s8 also. Please reply. Thanks