Samsung Galaxy S8 Review: To Infinity and Beyond?

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Galaxy S8 and S8+ Skins:
Our full Samsung Galaxy S8+ text review is here:
For much more details, camera samples, and in-depth data, check it out!

For the last two weeks I’ve been approached by at least 10 people for the same two questions that always came together. The first was: Oh, is that the new Galaxy? The second is: Well, but does it explode? This proves how much of a footprint Samsung owns in the smartphone market, where people associate the name Galaxy more to a phone than to the Milky way, and where one mistake has only made the brand even more viral.

The result is record sales all across the globe, but the question is if all that marketing accounts to a smart buy for you. Watch our full review to learn more.


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  1. How people can use this crap?
    When i recieved mine from work and tried to use it, my palm always touched the display bwcause there are no bezels. had to return it.
    got my self A7 instead.
    much better phone. easier to use.
    same performance and bigger battery.

  2. the only reason it feels laggy is cause the animations are incredibly slow if you go into dev options you can change it to 2x speed and this fixes everything

  3. I am considering on buying an Galaxy S8, so i watched a lot of videos. But your review was one of the best so far. Liked and subbed!

  4. Hi! I'm quite confused and a little bit of information would greatly help. In my country the OnePlus 5T prices are at 64GB for $570 and 128GB for $650 while the Galaxy S8 prices are at 64GB for $654 and the Galaxy S8+ 64GB for $730. What should be the best choice? I'm mostly for the camera quality and longest software and hardware support. Thanks guys!