Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ 10 Problems!

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The all new Galaxy S8 and S8+ are the best phones you can buy right now. These are almost perfect devices! But still there are few things that are bothering me. Of-course these are minor issues, overall the new Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are awesome smartphones, best phones from Samsung till now!


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  1. It's has one other minor problem….but it may be a software problem….when your in camera mode and take some pictures and video…you scroll through what you have taken the videos have very often no sound…..strange.

  2. i am a User of S8 plus And u say The Multitasking management is not but i say Multitasking feature is Amazing
    Maybe you are A indian And maybe You are Using Asian Copy your video croping or your gaming Mistake is right but another 9 is not Right ?

  3. what can you expect from this phone? only for design,but the quality isn't good,remember that battery issue catching Fire.

  4. typical Samsung phone. laggy over time with screen burn in. LMFAO. to think people declared this over hyper piece of junk the best phone ever. haha. ok. come back in a few months when TouchWiz is so laggy you can barely use the thing. at least it doesn't explode like the Note 7.

  5. thanks for ur videos 🙂
    galaxy s8 plus is the best telephone and i have no problem with it . lovely phone nice phone fast phone

  6. How many families can buy food for 1 year for the price of this mobile in india? How long will we humans be this way? Think about it.

  7. hi , I bought s8 64 gb today , as I started it there was an update available 425 mb and I have updated it after installing and restarting the phone was so heating at back . same thing happened with your s8 ?

  8. you say having to pick the phone up to unlock it is a deal breaker not even knowing that you don't have to pick the phone up if you have pattern lock also in place which you can use as an alternative whenever phone is flat on table.

  9. Is anyone else having an issue with the calendar widget not showing the correct date? My other phones have always showed the correct date on the widget.

  10. Man you should be patient while examining bixby now a ton of features have been revealed and samsung is not foolish to insert a second google assistant into its flagship s series which is most important for this company after its note 7 fiasco.

  11. You should also review the smartphones after a year or 6 months to review how well the smartphone ages and please also upload some videos after forenight or even monthly on your second channel gadgets portal play

  12. Pls help me I have the s8+ and my phone is always very warm every time i use it or charge it ! I swear i couldn't touch it bc it was so so warm ! Is this okay? What should I do

  13. I never understood the curved display?! There’s always a glare & the OLED light bleeds brighter on the curves, it would be so much better just flat ??