Samsung Galaxy S8+ / S8 : Learn these Amazing Tips & Tricks

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Learn these Amazing Tips and Tricks for the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the S8 Plus. These tips apply to the home screen, app drawer and notifications panel.

Let’s discover.

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  1. I watched lots of tech reviewers n how they present there stuff
    But i think yoy are the best tech reviewer even lot better than mkbhd
    But still your subscribers are low I'M really shocked
    I believe you deserve better than this keep going man
    Love n enjoy your channel ?

  2. Awesome work great tips
    I noticed that you have the philips Hue app

    Maybe some time you could do a review on philips Hue and it's features
    Cheers from Germany.

  3. I don't have that quick access button when I go to home screen settings I have home screen layout ,home screen grid, apps screen grid, apps button, hide apps and about home screen

  4. HELP ME OUT PLEASE , so I am thinking about switching from a iPhone 6 to a note 8 … since your the man when it comes to Samsung can you tell me if Samsung pay is just as good and safe as Apple Pay? and .. how are the mics on the gear smart watches and gear x earbuds , do they pick up a lot of background noise? I usually have no trouble with apple mics..
    THANKS FOR TAKING THE TIME TO HELP ME OUT (it’s been months wrestling with this decision)

  5. Saki, I have a factory unlocked S8 phone using Straight Talk service. I can't video call. There is no options given. Can you help me with this?

  6. I have a question, I have an s8 on Verizon and want to use the notification pulled down but it's no where on my phone can you help?

  7. i bought an s8 plus, i was looking for some cases but, i never dropped a phone, and most cases wont protect the screen, and those who do, are blurry or easily scratchable, so if the phone has a bumper, but the screen hits a little rock… so I am just going to be extra carefully with it