Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ UAG Metropolis case // Review and Giveaway

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UAG was awesome enough to send me one of my all time favorite cases to review.. The Metropolis case, Its a folio style Military grade case. ITS AWSOME… Its not for everyone and I get that.. But I love these cases..Used one for my S6 edge after my tech armor tore.. Bought one for the S7 edge due to lack of adequate screen protectors.. Of course I bought one for my S8, and as I said UAG was Awesome enough to send me a S8 Plus version!!

It is wireless charging compatible. And works with Samsung pay.

This case is compatible with the following screen protectors that I have tested

UAG is not paying me, I am not sponsored by them. I’m just a huge fan of their products and they treat us right.. I was honored they send this to me and I hope the video did the case justice.. It really is an awesome case. save my S6, and S7 edge countless times! YES I also have the green plasma case for one lucky winnder.. Once we hit 10K views the giveaway will start!!

Intro – Alex Skrindo- Jumbo ( NCS RELEASE)

2nd song
Lensko- Lets Go! ( NCS Release)

Outro- Jim Yosef- Eclipse


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  1. Thanks Grav for your videos. I have the Gpel screen coming, I have the Defender case for the S8+. I am sure I am not the only fan of the Defender case that is disappointed that it does not have a screen on it. Store put on a scratch resist plastic film that is just ugly, keeps fingerprints.

  2. I got this case in black and I do love it. But that red is sexy as hell. If it wasn't $39.95 + tax on Amazon, I'd own both! Question: Have u tried either of the Zagg case friendly glass or sapphire screen protectors? Do you think the Gpel is just as good?

  3. In the mean time..while we wait for the 200 likes, I have 3 codes for 30% off any otterbox. First 3 to Message me on YouTube will get them. I'm. Checking tommorw morning at 9am est and I message you if you get one of the codes!

  4. Apparently you're the only one on YouTube who thought to show what it's like to actually use the phone with this case on. That is, with the cover open and folded underneath, holding it in one hand. THANK YOU. I'm going to get one.

  5. I agree it is a great case. One thing I noticed is that the phone, especially around the buttons, is a little loose in the case. However, I do not believe this will compromise protection. Overall it is the best accessory I have bought for the S8 Plus.

  6. do you really need a screen protector with this though? I mean most need a screen protector for scratches from keys, money etc. if you drop this from waist height, I imagine it would be more than fine

  7. Hi! @GravXReviews >I just got UAG Fitted Soft Shell Case for Galaxy Note8> What Screen protector does work with it?