Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+Spigen Neo Flex Screen Protector (Case-Friendly)

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Flexible, case-compatible but most importantly, made for the infinity screen.
Unlike glass, Neo Flex is made of a flexible layer made to stay adaptable to any screen surface. So the latest infinity screen with its curved edges? Not a problem. Simply apply it on wet with a case and voila.

Have Neo Flex take the hit, not your phone.
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  1. I hate the rubberized protectors… Let ZAGG keep their crap tech… you are WAY better than that garbage…. (until this "Neo Flex" aka ZAGG crap)
    Go back to your crystal protectors! I LOVE those things!!

  2. I am most definitely a fan of Spigen cases but unfortunately I can't say the same for their screen protectors. i pre ordered the Note 8 and love the phone and the Spigen Tough Armor case I bought to protect it but…The Neo Flex screen protector is cut out too big! It overlays way to much.Outside of that the screen protector really looks great! It's a shame Spigen didn't pay attention to the detail dimension wise for the Note 8 otherwise I would highly recommend it. I'm going to upload a video on my YouTube channel showing exactly what I'm talking about. I will post a link to the video in a reply as soon as I upload it. I hope Spigen will take note of this problem and correct an otherwise great screen protector.

  3. If you have bubbles wrinkles or any other defects you probably installed it wrong. I received mine yesterday and it is hands down the best screen protector I've used so far. It has only been a couple of days so I'll keep y'all informed if anything goes wrong but it's looking solid. Fun installation too ?. Oh and by the way I have the spign neo hybrid case

  4. It seems to be that this video doesn't match all the bad comments I can see in (and Yesterday one friend of mines tried Spigen case + Spigen screen protection… and had the same fuc***ing problem.
    It seems to be fibs from Spigen. This trade, who used to be reliable, is not anymore…
    I really don't know which pair of "case+screen protection" to buy. I think I will sell my Galaxy S8 an buy the S7 !! Or try to buy the S8 active from here (France).
    Good luck to everybody

  5. This is NOT compatible with Spigen Rugged Armor even if the case is on the smartphone. I already got 2 replacements from Spigen but still no luck… Don't buy this together with the Rugged Armor.

  6. Tried this. Not bad at all, fits perfect and easy to install. Still, have some dust on the edges because of micro-fiber I used to smooth the edges. Edges better be smoothed with the squeegee or even fingers, then no dust, good there are two pieces of protector

  7. My application of this turned out a lot harder, the screen protector hasn't cleared up at all either. The spray went away, but there's like non smooth parts which look horrible on the great screen. Is there a smoother screen protector? Btw, there's a mark on the screen that one go away unlike when it's advertised on Amazon. It's like a small indent that won't go away.

  8. I did exacly as the video, and the result was perfect. It takes one day to become fully transparent, but after that is perfect. I wonder if the curved crystal from spigen is better

  9. I got a small crack area at one corner. I think this solution may not suit me as wet solution may seep into screen right? I looking for protector to reduce further damage

  10. DON't BUY IT, there's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO PUT IT RIGHT< ESPECIALLY WITH A CASE. I TRIED SO MANY TIMES I GAVE UP. It's expensive and pointless. This vid is a fraud anyway, when u put ur film onto the screen, then u can't wiggle it as it's shown on the vid. it sticks and you're fucked!, any next aplly loosens the glue characteristics, and it won't stick as it's supposed to. ABSOLUTE NO NO NO.

  11. This shit fucking fucking sucks. Bullshit as fuck. I will never buy this type of screen protector anyways, who the fuck comes up with such a stupid fucking concenpt. FYCK you spigen and your dumb as screen protector. WASTE OF MY FYCKING money mate.

  12. My neoflex is on my phone for 3 days now. I can see small dust around the perimeter of the protector. Can I pull it off, and reapply the protector? I'm kinda obsessed about the neatness of my phone.

  13. IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember to apply the squeegee gently. It's completely normal for some white spots to remain after applying the screen, and it needs some sort of 1-2 day curing process. After 1 week, the screen no longer feels soft and rubbery.

  14. Fuck you Spigen! This thing was an absolute piece of shit! Absolutely fucks the image quality of the phone. The thing doesn't smooth out completely after 48 hours, it's a rippley mess with a oily streaky look. Absolute rubbish! I don't know how you could test this product and sell it claiming it'll let you view your phones original quality. Straight up lies! Poor business practice guys. Not cool at all. Tried your Tempered Glass and that was BS too. This is almost scam level stuff. I delete this and stop grinding your name into the dirt all over the Internet as soon as you refund me or replace it with something that does the job you claimed. Extremely pissed!