Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Burn Ins Are Being Reported

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The Samsung Galaxy S8 uses a virtual home button that is pretty much always-on, which led to some wondering if this could result in a display burn in over time. However Samsung has confirmed that this will not happen and upon further investigation, it was discovered that the Galaxy S8’s home button will shift around by a few pixels just to prevent it from staying in place.
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  1. This is an issue with all OLED/AMOLED displays. There is NO fix unless you burn all the other pixels around the affected area so you can't see it anymore. Why Apple sticks with IPS LCD – LCD's are immune. HTC is using a S-LCD which is also immune.

    Wonder if you have burn in? Google Image Search 'grey' so you can get a nice solid grey image and open it up so its full screen corner-to-corner. Like all the squares and text you see lol.. My Nexus 6 has so much burn in right now. I'm sick of OLED – don't care about overall contrast/power efficiency if I see other crap over everything. The industry is trying to switch to OLED because their cheaper to make – plain and simple.

  2. i went in a shop and i look at it …s8 plus … it have burn screen …. i ask them if it do part of the waranty and they waz like … what ???? they even d not konw about this issue

  3. I have a burn in from watching youtube that wont go away….and it will only get worse. And i only had it for 2 months… im truly disappointed

  4. I have a galaxy s8 with screen burn from the shortcuts that are saved to the home screen. Display setting is set to time out after three min. I have had my phone since May 2017. AT&T is replacing the phone with a refurbished one and I still have to pay full price for it. Bunch of BS

  5. Watching this on my s8 plus and I love it but I have burn in from watching YouTube vids alot on the smaller screen with full brightness . it's on the red line about a third of the way down the screen well at least that's what I think it's from but it there either way no bs

  6. I have burn in from watching youtube in portrait mode at work I now have a line across my screen right ware the red bar is. I never had that problem with my s7 as I watched YouTube all day on it.