Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 6S – Speed Test! (4K)

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Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 6S speed test. iPhone 6S from 2015 goes one on one against the beast Galaxy S8. Epic Speed test battle.

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  1. “The S8 is the King of booting up….”
    iphone boots quicker
    “Oh my god, wow. What an upset!”
    explains that the iPhone booted faster because it’s not as good

  2. When the iPhone battery is low it slows down performance to save the battery life even before low power mode

    And your s8 has a high charge

    Charge both phones to a 100% then watch how iPhone kicks ass

  3. What the? "Maybe it boots up faster because the 6S has a low resolution while the S8 has a higher resolution" really? Why on Earth would the quality of resolution affect the speed of booting up I mean that has nothing to do with it?!?!? I would be believe that if you stated that it can affect battery life but instead you made up a stupid excuse for your so called "beast" S8,
    No offence to S8 users though

  4. 6s
    Is shitter than the s7 edge
    Better camera
    Better display
    Bigger screen
    Brighter screen
    More pixels to push with WQHD
    And big and bright screen
    A mooed Cinema Display
    Wtfu stfu with ur cheap 6s
    Made in China 3 years ago