Samsung Galaxy S8 VS iPhone 7 – Which is Better?

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Is the Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Better VS iPhone 7 & 7 Plus? Which should you buy? Features, Screen, Camera, Performance, Gaming, UI & GeekBench Score Comparison Review.
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  1. More Samsung Galaxy S8 Content lined up for this weekend! Let us know what you think of the Galaxy S8 in the comments! Thanks for watching!

  2. I would prefer the Iphone 7 because of the ios . I used samsung galaxy and sony xperia in the past , now I have an iphone 6s plus and I must say that the experience with the iphone in general is much better: build quality etc… and the ios is a bonus when compared with android.
    If I have to chose between samsung or iphone , with no doubt I will go for the second.

  3. I have the galaxy s8+ and it's the best phone I've owned, I did have the iPhone7 plus and I did not like it as much as my galaxy! Apple is years behind!

  4. Great video! Very objective and informative. Any idea why the benchmarks on my iPhone 7 vary quite a bit with your results? Mine read 3502 single core and 5910 multi core.

  5. Samsung may try to makeup for their lack of lets say a good os with flashy new hardware. While we all know as soon as the next flagship drops from Samsung the s8 will still be running the same old os while the new device gets a flashy new os and leaves all of its previous, not so old, phones behind for let's say a few years till they decide to update them, like they ever will! As far as customizing my phone, I don't have a need for changing my screen resolution regardless of the device I own, sometimes less is more. Storage, 128g is absolutely more than I will ever use and I have a ton of music on my phone and thanks to iCloud I and my PC I don't have to shell out the extra cash for an SD card to store my photos on.

  6. This review seems to be done by iphone user. For sure the screen is so much better on s8 than the i7 which this review does not show. If we play a video side by side without the virtual buttons on the s8, it will make the i7's screen look down right puny. I much prefer android but that's just preference. Personally, a more fair comparison would be s8 vs future i8.

  7. That benchmark test was showing the results for the CPU, not the RAM. You can't say the extra RAM of the S8 isn't worth it because of the single core speed of the CPU. That's comparing apples and oranges.

  8. why does everyone say iOS is more reliable I find no reliability differences and also and every video I see nobody explains what quote reliable means

  9. What a fan boy saying the multi core scores are more important and give the "edge" to the Galaxy! Most apps and daily use uses single core. That is the most important to tell you how quick it will perform. iPhone has almost double the score and just a little less at multi. This is part of why iPhone will either keep up or be faster in most things. Add in tougher tests like video exporting and iPhone really excels.