Samsung Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 – Which Should You Buy?

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Is Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus Better VS iPhone 7 & 7 Plus? Design, Display, Features & Complete Comparison Review.

Galaxy S8 vs iPhone 7 Clones Drop Test:


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  1. I love iphone and no one has the right to insult iphone lovers ? plus you’re not the one who work hard for their money, it’s their money and they have the rights to buy something they want and samsung lovers please kick samsung whores balls

  2. Dude what are you saying? The IPhone 7 Plus is the best. Very efficient, great quality, fast speed, and really good looking. I can’t take it when people can’t admit that Apple has brought more awesome phones when Samsung failed the note 7 and other cellphone models. I’m sure IPhone 8 and X are the best in the world. Apple never disappoints ?