Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G2 – Speed Test!

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4 year old LG G2 vs new Samsung Galaxy S8! Which is Fastest?!?!
Did you know LG G2 baby is still sold on Amazon? US:

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  1. This phone is so horribly slow. I really hate the G2. 2gb of ram is just unusable. The settings and Android version just look horrible. The bottoms speakers are horrible especially in landscape mode. And I keep getting this "Unavailable to download" messa he every 5min. I never tried to download anything and there is no way to get rid of it. I've tried unistalling literally everything, I've restarted it, but it still gives the message. The autocorrect is just horrid. I'm sure autocorrect has gotten me a few times by now in this comment. And overall the phone is very slow when loading apps. The messaging doesn't let me see pictures unless I use my Data which is only 10gb shared by 3 people. This phone sucks. I want an s8 badly, but I've grown up in a poor family that can barely afford Applebee for a night. So im lucky to even own a phone.

  2. dude this is not correct, i have an lg g2, and i tested same apps aside your video,and my lg was waaaay faster, firstly update that bloody kit kat to lollipop,what are you doing!!?and try resseting it or something because your device is slower than usual!!

  3. all g2 owners so happy and i have g2 but i dont hapyy . because it has chronic problem ..The screen of the phone turns yellow every 3 months and i want to get rid off . its getting very hot

  4. you think the screen on the G2 is good enough? Like, better than a Moto G3 SCREEN? Like you cant see clearly here but for what i can see the S8 colors are more vibrant, and makes sense obviously but is it worthy getting the phone for 110 bucks? Upgrading for an iphone 4 so whatever i get would be a huge step forward lol, i jsut wanna know if i did the right buy

  5. Few days ago I broke screen on my LG G3, went to try out and buy s8. Tryed it in shop for 5minutes. Not much quicker at all, even the screen and rear camera are not much better than g3's. Design of s8 is awesome, but compared side by side my g3 doesnt look like 3.5 years old device. Decided to fix my g3, save money and wait for s9 or g7. Maybe I will even have to wait for s10 or g8, to feel that upgrade was worht it. My phone is beast 🙂

  6. Flash 5.0.2 original lg rom….and you will get 200mbit download and 100upload. Easy.

    My lg g2 in my wireless get the top of the conection. 200down and 100up

  7. About SPEEDTEST 5:10, there is screenshots from Resurrection Remix OS based on latest Nougat 7.1.2 on 5GHz WIFI on my D802, so S8 suck my dick or what?))) screenshot
    Still use my D802, what a brilliant device, true immortal, in August 2017 only change the battery to new one, in January 2018 finally change 5.0.2 rom to Resurrection Remix OS based on latest Nougat 7.1.2 astonishing rom with root, easy working GPay with NFC with no problems, super fast, super good optimized with background working apps and ram overall thankfully 7.1.2 android. ONLY ONE disadvantage on RR rom – fast but very mediocre camera setts takes photos really really sad quality in compared to brilliant 5.0.2. Really missed my lovely XCAM Settings+XCam app from xdabeb on 5.0.2 :((

  8. There is an lollipop ROM called CloudyG2.. it's even faster, IMO much nicer and let's your G2 shoot videos in slow motion! I think battery life is also better than it was before.. every single feature is working in that ROM, using it for years now 🙂