Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs LG G6 – Full Comparison

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A full comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S8+ and LG G6! (Timecodes below)

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Hardware – 0:56
Display – 3:13
Software – 5:44
Camera Comparison – 6:58
Battery – 9:53
Speakers – 11:00
Benchmarks – 12:02

Music by Joakim Karud

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FTC: This video is not sponsored, however the LG G6 was provided by Telus.


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  1. i prefer LG G6: better speakers, cheaper, more saturation in pics, no curves.
    hesitation: the speed is definitely slower but LG is still not "slow". battery life is important to me.

  2. o i didnt know before S8+ was bottom and G6 was Top????.
    nice review bro.
    i would go for G6 with that crazy wide angle camera and also i am using LG G4 but i am never fan of phone with Backglass, feels nice to hold but not strong enough to put in pocket , riding bike ………
    s8+ is great but a bit still expensive and finger print replacement isnt perfect .So , i

  3. Both are powerful and fluid (even with the s8 having a better procesor). Top smartphones are similar in specs this days. So for me it comes down to the design. So i go with the s8 plus its a looker and i like having more ways to unlock the phone. Batterie its important to me so..

  4. Lg g6 samsung s5 had washes out after 6 months reds faded lg g6 now durability and no side edge reader cause I can not seethe edge stuff anyway lg easier to set up and navigate especially for family use. Neighbor has s8. Hates camera says to hard to navigate and his settings reset to factory twice when he went to use it again. Basically he had to set his camera 2 different times. I set my g6 once same camera settings are still there. Overall price and lg promotion eating my choice towards lg. Thanks ca

  5. I prefer LG G6, for one I really admire LG's colors of its screen and I really like to have quite a hold on the phone rather than S8's curved edges and it seems like it's very delicate to hold.

  6. In my opinion the LG G6 is the better all rounder and most importantly it's better value for your money.S8 & S+ is best smartphone on market But it's to over priced.I go for LG G6 and save £170+ towards another phone after your done with LG.

  7. I used a G6 for a week and the photos I took indoors in artificial lighting with it's front facing camera were very soft and grainy, very poor quality in comparison to my Nexus 6P

  8. Watching this video on my LG G6! I chose LG G6 over the S8 because of the wide-angle lens and because of the flat screen and the place where the fingerprint sensor is placed ☺ also I'm glad I got it for only 500$ at t-mobile is really a great price for the LG G6

  9. Thank you for your review. My phone broke today so I finally have to get a new one and after watching your review, I was pretty set on the S8+, because I watch Netflix and read on the phone during my commute, so I think that the larger screen and better image quality of the S8+ would be better for that, but now, after reading the comments, where the vast majority of people prefer the LG6, I'm not sure what I want anymore. Thanks people. lol

  10. Those are not actual AKG earbuds, samsung lied there no surprise, they're just AKG branded Samsung buds, though they sound descent, it's still a scam. What's also a scam is that LG doesn't include ANY earbuds.

  11. S8's BlueTooth 5 is not enabled yet. Although the hardware is there. Also being able to connect two devices/speakers at same time, has nothing to do with BlueTooth 5, it has everything to do with Samsung's choice to include double the hardware to be able to do that.

  12. Watched until the end and ended up going with the G6 – because I wanted to buy a phone and did not want additional payments on my bill. lol. For me, it was a good choice. I have had a Galaxy S, 2 3, 4 and replaced the my Note 3 with the G^ (which I loved, but with all of the updates, my phone would barely last 3 hours). PLUS I have plenty of headsets so I'm good. For the price, I am very happy and I appreciate this video and your assessment of these phones. Thank you.

  13. I have the Korean version of the LG G6 with 64gb and quad dac , i ordered the Canadian version from Amazon and received the G6 in a box marked A T & T , 32gb ,????? , obviously when i checked the specs and saw quad dac and 64gb in the spec i was puzzled but i am happy with my purchase , also came with headphones and an adapter for Canadian wall socket , go figure !! Do you have any ideas as why this occured ?

  14. You'll have to excuse my ignorance as I'm definitely not a geek. When the S8 comes out of the box apparently its resolution isn't maxed. How would battery life and the benchmarks compare if it was maxed out?

  15. Great video! Hard to make a choice. G6's wide angle photos look good, but s8+ looks better. Just wonder if the curve screen is easier to break?