Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 vs iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel – Gaming Comparison!

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Full Gaming comparison of New Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 vs iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel!
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  1. S8 is lagging due max graphics setting on it whereas iphone runs on default setting only. Try running on default setting on S8/S8 plus, it runs super smooth at 60fps without any lag!!!

  2. just to clear up a few things:

    (1) All of the androids shown here are running MUCH higher res. iphone is running 740p vs S8/G6 doing 1440p and pixel at 1080p
    (2) Samsung as some of you pointed out isn't optimized to run san andreas. In optimal conditions the S8's 8 cores is the fastest smartphone hardware available period.

    –> Androids are jumping through quite a lot of changes. CPU has been upgraded numerous times through the course of a year. 820/821/835 all equipped with slightly better GPUs than the next. The aspect ratios are also different. iPhone, obviously has no where near the number of changes so devs just optimized for 1 platform and a few configs vs android's google platform and many configs.

  3. I thing tha main issue with samsung and LG is resulution aspect. They are creating a new ratio display, apps are ot ready for this shit yet seems like (sorry for my english)

  4. iPhone's screen resolution is so low the cpu breaks no sweat to push those polygons

    750 x 1334 pixels (~326 ppi pixel density) vs 1440 x 2880 pixels (~564 ppi pixel density)

  5. It has nothing to do with the processors, it's a very known bug in GTA SA. But luckily R* released a patch that fixes this problem.

  6. Dude u r such a noob,atleast give some to phones to handle the 4 GB game and also give some time to processors to get ready to play these games.
    Who is phone lover will understand why beast S8 edge

  7. I did love my S8, until I started playing games, yes, there are different resolutions available, so so need to play in – eyes don't even see the pixels anymore – but that curved display! bloody top and bottom of the screen is bulged, soooo annoying

  8. It is not the phones fault for messing up with GTA games. The games aren't optimized. That's all. The hardware in most Android phones can run GTA games at 100% speed with no problem. The only issue is that the game developer need's to optimize the games for that particular device. You can not blame the company who made the phone. Compatibility and Optimization are too differen't things. A lot of games are compatible with Android devices but the optimization isn't there. The best solution is to write to developers and give the name of your current device and list the apps you would like them to optimize for your device.

    At least that way the developer's will not go crazy since there are so many Android powered devices. That is why every time I leave reviews on apps I always state the device name I have such as the Galaxy S8 that I own. That way developers will have a device to focus on. I look at it this way, many people review apps or wallpapers or themes, etc. If for any reason I am interested in letting a developer know about a bug in the phone then if I name the device then they would most likely focus on that. It is easy to say update this and that but if they don't know what device you're using then why rush to that devices aid. Now if a device is named then they can say, ahhh at least we have a device to work with at this moment instead of trying to guess what device is having what bug or what device needs what update.

    For future reference just name your Android device as you right reviews for the Play Store.