Samsung Galaxy S8 VS S7 – ULTIMATE In-Depth Comparison!

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Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8 Plus VS S7 & S7 Edge – Design, Display, Camera, Specs, Speed, Battery, Features, Price & so much more, extremely in-depth!

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 & S8+ VS S7 & S7 Edge – Everything You NEED to Know!

    Enjoy this very in-depth comparison ahead of the S8's release in just a few days! Design, Display, Camera, Specs, Features, Price, Storage, Battery & so much more – covered in this video!

    Which one would YOU pick and why? Picking up an S7 Edge is actually a really good choice now!

  2. great comparison, you obviously put a lot of time and effort in to making this video. Much appreciated (:

  3. In theory, you could upgrade any phone's storage to 2tb with a sd card, as long as it uses microsdxc.
    "microsdxc" is used in all cards ranging from 64gb to 2tb.
    My s5 mini has a recommended max sd card capacity of 64gb, but easily handles 128gb with no problems.
    Same goes for s7 & s8.
    samsung advertises that their phones support up to 256gb, but can support up to 2tb because they support microsdxc.

    the only thing is that no (affordable) 2tb solutions exist

    as an fyi, sdhc cards go up to 32gb, so a phone that advertises up to 32gb will not support over 32gb, but sdxc does.

    you should really read an article instead of listening to me. im quickly typing this on a windows tablet w/ a crappy on screen keyboard.
    but anyways, you get the point; your phone can have just as much storage as my pc.

  4. Got the S7 on launch. I went from the HTC One M7 to the Samsung S7, so it was a pretty big jump. I love this phone though so I'll stick with it for at least one more generation. The S8 looks cool though.

  5. s8/s8+ is worth it if coming from a two-year-old model or older, but probably not a one-year-old model. I upgraded to the s8 from my iphone 6 Plus and it is a huge improvement.

  6. Halo sir h r u, i am sathish…….
    i need mobile,i don't like samsung galaxy s8+ because size not comfortable and s8 or s7 edge which is the best mobile please answer me sir, main important battery life……… and thanks for video………….

  7. thanks for video and I need s8 plus s8 battery drain test because I need mobile which is the mobile best please answer me mine important battery life well I am waiting……..

  8. seriously just a 15% difference.
    5% different looks
    5% different software wise examples like the iris scanner.
    4% No button mostly glass.
    1% Ip-68 instead of ip-67 water resistant certificate.

  9. Well S7 is 499,- here in Holland (aug-17) while the S8 now for sale for 608,-. I think it's worth the 100 extra. S8 amazing looking phone while S7 looks hardly any different from S3.

  10. Great comparison, thanks. I only wonder why your "S" sounds like "yes" 🙂   I said yes to S7 half year ago and probably will skip at least one phone generation before upgrading.

  11. Btw no one mentioned that the S8 plus emits less radiation and is actually on a really good level compared to its competition

  12. I'm using both, Google does "Speak" Spanish or English what ever and interacts better with internet things. Bixby only Speaks English (Korean too but it is not a language we study in Spain) but works perfect for Samsung's stuff and you can do many configuration stuff perfectly.

  13. hey bro… can you just suggest me whether to go for s7 edge black pearl 128gb or s8…??? more important is that we have an latest update for s7 edge officially till nougat or s that possible samsung ill go for oreo….

  14. Thanks for the info

    BTW, the color orchid is pronounced OR-kid (the ch makes the k sound. The OR is capitalized to show it's where the pronunciation accent is. Otherwise I'd have typed or-KID to emphasize the part you had incorrect.)