Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Vivo V5 Speed Test – Which Is Faster?

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Hey Guys! I’m Shaizor from Techno Unboxing, and today I’ll be showing you the Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Vivo V5 Speed Test! what do you guys think which is faster?

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  1. see techno unboxing the vivo v5 actual speed is not that we need to set extreme performance mode in power managment of the i manager then u do the speed test

  2. Can u Imagine that S8 has a larger screen, Even in Edge of it there is LCD which means. it require more RAM to make it fast. So my Point is Just don't compare CopyCat of Iphone in This GALAXYYYY !!!

  3. i have both phone Vivo V5 and samsung S8..for me vivo are crap phone when u playing game with higher graphic while samsung s8 apparently crap on his battery fast drain while u playing game.

  4. 2 minutes silence for those dumb people who don't know about the hardware and software of vivo and still say vivo is the that dumb word for this phone which this doesn't even deserves(best)