Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix – Screen Comparison!

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Bezel-less screen comparison of Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Xiaomi Mi Mix!

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  1. Could you please do a performance comparison between the S8 (or another Snapdragon 835 device) and the Xiaomi Mi Max (or another Snapdragon 650/652 device) so we can see the differences?

    Great videos, love watching.

  2. "mi mix is the first bezel less display" – Tech Trinkets
    are you really a tech expert or just blabbering? open google and search for Sharp AQUOS CRYSTAL.

  3. You're not upscaling it, 2.5k or so called 1440p is native on the S6&S7&S8 but since the nougat update full hd is default for some reason, It's not upscaling tho.

  4. With this new trend of edge to edge screen I prefer the curved design of S8.
    It ends smoother on the sides instead abruptly as seen in Xiaomi, it looks like it was just glued there with no work to the frame. Also, so wide!

  5. An advantage that IPS panels, like that of the Mix, have over OLED panels, like that of the S8, is that they won't flicker when the brightness isn't anything below 90%. At a low brightness setting the S8's screen flickers at quite a low relative frequency (250 Hz) which may cause eye strain and head aches when used for extended periods of time, especially for people with sensitive eyes. The Mix's screen will only flicker slightly below 10% brightness, although at a much higher frequency (1130 Hz) which won't cause any discomfort. Also, a QHD resolution isn't required as much for IPS panels as it is for OLED panels because.of the sub pixel arrangements. IPS panels have RGB sub pixels for every pixel, while OLEDs do not.