Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ Review: Standing firm

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MobileSyrup Managing editor reviews Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+. For our full written review, follow this link:


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  1. Definitely not an crazy exciting upgrade but not the iPhone 8 that design is basically the same as the iPhone 6 that's 4 phones I don't think the Galaxy s9 is that played out yet.

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  3. sammy deserves a lot of credit for including the jack and having a unique, beautiful design language (ie, no notch). im so disillusioned with just about every other Android maker. esp Google

  4. While I agree with your not being an exciting upgrade I have to say it seems you try to ignore how good some things are. You took photos (a couple shots literally) and took those in 7.9mp instead of the highest available resolution which makes no sense for one. Next you made no mention what so ever of finally having stereo speakers on a Samsung device which is huge as it is one of the only things truly that has been lacking to make their phones damn near perfect.
    I know you don't like Samsung phones but at least try to be unbiased lol. You look and sound depressed man smile you have a great job and probably a pretty great life, have a good one Patrick ???