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Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its possible bezel changes. Then we talk about all three models of the iPhone X 2018, as reports claim that the battery will grow on all models. The Huawei P11 follows as reports have it resemble the iPhone X design significantly. Then we discuss the recent expansion of Amazon Music and the Amazon Echo to 28 more countries. We end today’s show talking about T-Mobile and the deals its offering for the Apple Watch Series 3.

All this and more after the break.

– T-Mobile offers small but significant $50 Apple Watch Series 3 discount /2017/12/08/t-mobile-apple-watch-series-3-discount
– 28 new countries around the world get Amazon Music Unlimited and Echo devices /2017/12/08/amazon-music-unlimited-echo-devices-expansion-28-countries
– Upcoming Huawei P11 could emulate the iPhone X notch… for some reason /2017/12/08/huawei-p11-emulate-iphone-x-notch-speculation
– All three 2018 iPhone X sequels are tipped to pack larger batteries, starting at 2900mAh /2017/12/08/all-three-2018-iphone-x-sequels-larger-batteries-predictions
– No display aspect ratio change expected from Galaxy S9, but bezels could still be thinner /2017/12/08/samsung-galaxy-s9-same-aspect-ratio-thinner-bezels-rumors

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Samsung Galaxy S9 bezel changes, iPhone X 2018 battery & more – Pocketnow Daily



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  1. You ever noticed how Samsung ugrades everything after 2 models? S6, S7 were the same, and new change at S8. S3 and S4 were the same, with new change at S5. S1 and S2 were the same, with change at S3. I bet theyre gona change the design at S10. And they probably should tbh.

  2. My personal opinion is I still prefer a physical button like Samsung Galaxy Edge.
    Reduce the top ? bezels,
    Add stereo speakers ? ?,
    B&O DECT quality of LGG6
    That's it.
    Or get the fingerprint scanner on the front ? ?.

  3. If next year Apple gets rid of Touch ID then I'm gonna pick up the iPhone 8 Plus and it'll be my last iPhone for a while unless Apple decides to bring it back they can future out how to make the bezzles a little smaller but who knows I'm just sad about that I don't trust Face ID so that sucks

  4. I also get almost 2 day (more like 1.5 with heavy usage) battery life out of the iphone x. The first 2 days the battery was definitely just ok but after the 11.2 update, it got to the level of my ex-plus 8 and in some aspects (like watching videos) surpassed it.

  5. Even though I prefer google phones , when it comes to looks department think Samsung is doing good job with the screens looks but if they slim it down and put a notch then it would be stupid it just plainly look stupid