Samsung Galaxy S9 Concept

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Samsung Galaxy S9 by DBS DESIGNING TEAM

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  1. samsung is not going to abandon the curved screen. its their signature now and i thing its here to stay. me personally, i love it.

  2. довольно не плохой , особенно радует разъём для гарнитуры , также я бы его купил если бы не был жлобом

  3. A thought that thin top bar would not be practical either. I would imagine many finding issues with seeing it. Maybe if the top was curved… that would be a neat trick.

  4. I agree with Michael Padilla. It would most likely be curved. If they did go with a notch… I'm thinking they would use the amoled 'blacks' to hide it. If….Samsung were to go that route I'm sure they would do it the way it should've been done by Apple. (I think… since this is Apple's first try.)

  5. I have the Note 8 and it's the best looking and fastest phone I've ever seen! It's goddamn epic! Blows any iPhone out of the water.

  6. Total rubbish – the S8 is gorgeous – the is not what the S9 is so don't even try it. iphone X looks like a toy compared to the S* so why would we want to look anything like the iphone? This is BS and fake news.

  7. Samsung and Apple's latest phones extend the screen to the very edge or around to the sides.
    For those smart folks who put their phones into some protective case (like an Ottobox), there is screen real estate to be lost. Any case must 'encase' the sides of the phone which are the most vulnerable and fragile when dropped it struck.

  8. I guarantee the Samsung S9 will not have the ugly notch like Apple. Only the bottom bezel will disappear and it will be curved. It will have a dual improve camera like to Note 8. 6gb ram, 64 expandable, and a fingerprint Id (relocated). And no printprint id yet under the screen. They won't bring that until the Note 9.

  9. Надеюсь в этот раз они не будут жопится, скруглят его со всех сторон, уберут видимый динамик с тыльной стороны и камеру спрячат под дисплей

  10. Что за вброс очередной, самсунг такой хрени ни стал бы делать это вам не айфон запомните господа!

  11. This looks more like future iPhone (say iPhone 15) with notched display.  Samsung is not stupid enough to put notch on top.