Samsung Galaxy S9 – IT’S ALL HERE!!!

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Its all here. The New Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus 2018.



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  1. Cool Vid Bro
    Obviously the S9 will be one hell of a great phone,
    But my S8 plus is still Immense. And I can't see myself upgrading over slight tweaks.. The S10 will be the one for me. Especially because the fingerprint senser will finally be under the front screen. How Dare the Note 9 be the first galaxy phone to have this cool tech lol. And it will be time for another hardware design by 2019 too. I can't wait to see what they come up with because Samsung are leading the way these days with sexy phone designs. I still look at my S8 Plus with awe.. And i still will all next year too, it is Beautiful..

  2. Makes more sense. You can't force too much change in too short of a time. That will only cause problems to arise in other areas. I don't mind a recycled design for two years.

    What Apple is doing is not acceptable though. 6, 6S, 7, 8 all have same designs. That's 4 years, folks.

  3. That's not disappointing at all. The design that failed the test wasn't all that great because the screen was not in the center of the phone. Symmetry is more important than less bezels (case in point: iPhone X) and I'm glad Samsung understands that. Even if Samsung doesn't put a notch, having a bezel on the top and none at the bottom looks stupid and is impractical. All this talk about wanting zero bezels is ridiculous anyway because where would they put the front facing camera and earpiece etc on a phone with no bezels???

  4. Better note 8 than s9 .why we need to waist more money on s9 when we have note 8 .they are the same and with note 8 u get the s pen .i love the way s8 s9 looks but we all use case protection so it will not be any difference when the case is on the phone .so I think stick with note 8 save some money or wait for note 9 because it will be the best phone ever

  5. Awesome hardware specs …. and still same shit software support updates and general shit Samsung support….not much really changes with Samsung they are so much like Apple same design same software and still MONO SPEAKER WTF SAMSUNG it will be 2018 .you can only polish a turd so much to make it shine but it’s still a turd when the gloss wears off.

  6. Samsung keeps the same design with no change.. everybody applauds, Apple keeps the same design with no change.. everybody loses their mind ?? Samsung sheep are worse than Apple tbh, everyone was saying at first that no bezels was the way forward and then Samsung keeps theres, now all of a sudden it’s “some bezel is practical, how we gonna play games or hold it to watch movies”, you guys are so full of shit ??‍♂️ and I’m not hating because I own the S8 and iPhone X and I love both, but this is even less of an upgrade that the 7 Plus was to the 8 Plus, at least they changed a material there lol

  7. Might sound crazy but the fingerprint on the front side of the phone it's the only thing holding me back to upgrade from s7edge , hopefully they will surprise us with this .

  8. I see nothing wrong with the design i mean how much more bezel can they remove. Im just looking forward to the new specs and hopefully in display scanner

  9. I don't understand why everyone thinks the phone is supposed to change every year. Companies spend millions of dollars in development, molds, equipment, components/parts etc. To put it in perspective cars companies don't change the design language on cars every year. The headlights or tail lights may change a little or any other subtle change. But for the most part they look the same. This is the age old saying "If it ain't broke don't fix it"