Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaked! iPhone X Killer?

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NEW Samsung Galaxy S9 Final Design & Specs Leaked! Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X Comparison of Top Features.

Galaxy vs iPhone X Speed Test:

Galaxy S9 Concept Video:


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  1. I'm definitely not an apple or android fanboy. I'm neutral. I hope my opinion below won't be bias and does not offend anybody. It is only personal opinion based on observation.

    I currently use both Iphone 7 plus and Sony C5 Ultra as my daily drivers [including my beloved BB Passport which is no longer active – due to no whatsapp 🙁 ]. Both the Iphone and Sony are great devices. After observing tendency over the past years, I must say Iphone valued better than many other brands. For example, I bought my 7 plus in March 2017 around USD 840, and today the price of the phone is even higher to around USD 910 where I live (the new one). I also read tech news that in 2017, iphone (all models) sells around 230 million units and followed by Samsung S8 23 million units (I don't know exactly the data if the sell of all Samsung phones are combined).

    Couple of months ago I saw Samsung Note 8 in a mall in Jakarta was priced around USD 910, and surprisingly I saw in the next 2 weeks after that, the price drops around USD 70! So whats going on? I've never seen drastic price drop like that for Iphone unless for the older series not the latest series.

    Samsung, Sony, Oppo, One Plus, Google, etc have indeed released brilliant products, which specs and performance wise maybe better than Iphone but it doesn't stop people to be 'crazy' about Iphone. I said 'crazy', that where I live, the new Iphone X costs up to USD 1450 but people still queuing to buy! What I'm gonna say is, regardless of the less technology Iphone may be able to provide compare to other flagships, ironically that is not the only thing that Iphone offers which others don't. Some people look after social status and not always greatest technology. Sad but fact.

  2. I think that samsung is superior to apple in most ways. I have an iphone anyway, and the reason for that is: I want a small phone and the iphone se is the only phone on the market with reasonable size and up-to-date specs. I wish that producers of android phones will come up with smaller designs in the future again. But since they are probaply not, i hope that apple will always keep having a small iphone.
    by the way: i my company 80% of my male coworkers have an iphone se, simply for the same reason.

  3. Haha fuck s8 already killed iphone X and the other phones lmao. That is like it is killed by the previous and it is gonna be double killed by the next samsung flagship lmao.

  4. and just around the corner the new gotta have it Galaxy S10 while Apple releases the gotta have it iPhone XI.  On a serious note I've had iPhones since the release of the first one.  I'm not one to upgrade every time a new phone comes out and I currently have an iPhone 6.  I recently acquired a Galaxy Note 4 Edge and I have to admit I'm very impressed with it.  No it's not the latest and greatest but what I do like, and I sure wish new Apple or Samsung phones had are removable batteries.  Anyway, a great review.

  5. I don’t think anyone cares for iphoneX to call it a iPhone X killer. I live in Toronto and I have only seen one iPhone X so far. It’s already dead.

  6. Leave it to a Apple guy to say a aux port is outdated. If you have any kind of decent sound system in your car, you can easily notice a huge improvement in sound quality when you use a aux cord instead of bluetooth. Wanna hear hi-fi audio? Guess what you can't do that on bluetooth. How is it "futuristic" to use something that downgrades quality?

  7. Once you go android,you will Never ,ever,ever,ever,
    Ever,go back to IOS,,I will bet on that,Seen 2 apple lifelong users switch ,they were like kids on x- mas morning,just in utter and pure awww as to what they were missing,along with best display tech available today,,,