Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaked & Top 5 Features Requested!

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Leaks & Features! Samsung’s Galaxy S9, S9 Plus, and Note 9 have 2018 release dates! Top and hidden Galaxy S9 features, leaks, and more are here. Subscribe for my Galaxy S9 Review and Note 9 Unboxing! ▶Subscribe for more:

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Battery leak –
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In-Display Fingerprint Sensor demo –

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  1. Hello sir
    Which phone's screen is much softer on eyes from op5t and honor v10 ltps ips lcd in day to day usage? I have eye strain problem and i cant decide between amoled and ips.

  2. Personally I haedly used Walkmen, CD players, or MP3 players. If I listened to music it was on the boombox or in a car. I just always hated having the wire dangle. Even playing my Gameboy with headphones was annoying. For almost a year now I have been using the Aftershockz wireless headphones daily! Sound is great, they fit comfortably, use them when playong basketball, battery lasts for almost 2 workdays (6hrs a day). Best thing though is no wires.

    I wouldn't miss it of they got rid of it.

  3. Okay, so to get this out of the way: i'm an Apple user. StILL, i love the Samsung phones, i really do. The 120hz display was first in the iPad before it came to the Razor phone though. I like the Razor phone too, i know many people actually don't like that phone, but i do. Another Android phone i really like is the Pixel 2, (black and white one). I really hope Apple will have that 120Hz display in their next iPhone. But we'll see 😀 I really thought Samsung would have the fingerprint sensor under the glass by now though. Maybe it might still happen?

  4. Hey Dom, how about 1080p 60 FPS Auto Focus camera Issue from Samsung flagship devices. Others phone company don't have this issue anymore except Samsung. Why Samsung why???? We are paying decent money for all flagship phones by Samsung but very unfortunate. Why they didn't care about this?

  5. I had a galaxy S5 and it had a IR blaster which was REALLY useful because I would always loose my tv remote and I could turn it on with the phone. Having an IR blaster also allowed me to play pranks on my friends by connecting to their TV and turning it off and on as a Practical Joke. IR blasters are useful and hope they make a reappearance on the S9

  6. In my opinion:
    An UKW Radio, IR Blaster, USB C 3.1, HEADPHONEJACK AND STEREO SPEAKER would be a big DREAM smartphone with all features. For under 1000€ it will be mine ??