Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus from an iPhone X Users Perspective

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I could definitely see myself using the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus phone if I did not have an iPhone. While I still prefer the iPhone interface (I get it, a lot of people prefer the latter), the S9 Plus is a great phone by almost all measurements. I guess the only think to say is that while I do think it is a great phone and probably one of if not the best android phone, if I was to start over again I would still pick up a iPhone X myself I think. Although, the freedom of options is very compelling. I can’t wait to see the next Note when it comes out!

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  1. What is your take on the HTC line of phones? Specifically the U11….. also, 5g phones, I have seen that they are close to release (within a year), what have you heard if anything and should a person wait to upgrade until the 5g phones are released?