Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Otterbox Defender Case! Heavy Duty Protection!

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Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9+
New SCREENLESS design: accommodates curved touchscreen. Try the OtterBox Alpha Glass screen protector for resistance against scratches and shattering (SKU: 77-58284)
Belt-clip holster included that doubles as a kickstand for hand-free media viewing.
Port covers keep out dust and debris
Includes OtterBox limited lifetime warranty (see website for details) and 100% authentic.

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  1. Otterbox doesn't make their own cases anymore, they have so factory is China make it for them and they slap their name on it. Premium materials, on my defender one of the clips in the shell broke off easily.

  2. I order mine last night while my paperwork was being done on my new S9 plus. Lol I got the same color case you are showing on your video. Got mine for $19.99, ebay.

  3. Nice case, nice review. If you want to have the phone on your desk standing up but on a slant, take the phone out of the clip case, turn the clip so it is lenghtwise, and with the side of the clip case that has the center clip that locks the phone in place, facing at the bottom, you can just lay your phone down into the case (not clipped in but just so the top of the phone is sitting on top of the case corners and the bottom of the phone is sitting inside of the case corners), it will just rock forward into a standing 45 degree position. Hope that long winded explanation is understandable.

  4. I have the s7 edge version at the moment I just upgraded to the s9 plus yesterday as a early 30th birthday present for myself and just ordered this case with a 3 pack of screen protectors today both arrive on Tuesday I can't wait