Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Review

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Upon opening the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, and finishing the testing of gaming performances, hard resetting and SIM card inserting tutorial, the MOBOSdata team dealt with a more detailed overview of what the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is capable of.
We have divided this test in several sections:

-introduction – that deals with the ranking of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus on the market, current offer of the same manufacturer, contents of the factory box, different versions and our first impressions

-display – the section that deals with the display of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, what technology was used to make it, how it copes with the competitors, color reproduction, sharpness and resolution

-hardware and operating system – that deal with these two integral parts of each modern smartphone. There you can find very detailed specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, our opinion about performances of the device and details about the operating system

-camera – that goes into detail on how good the photos made by the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus really are, which technologies were implemented and our experience when using the camera

-connectivity – that focuses on both wired or wireless connection options, as well as everything that is important to mention about the connections of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

-battery- that focuses of the battery implemented into the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, its autonomy, charging time and all other battery parameters and

-final words – our team’s thoughts together with clearly stated ADVANTAGES/DISADVANTAGES of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

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