Samsung Galaxy S9 – POWER UNVEILED!!!

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The heart of Samsung is unveiled officially for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9.

Render by: Concept Creator –

Awesome Galaxy S9 Concept by Phonearena –


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  1. What's the big deal with the facial recognition? The Galaxy Note 8 and S8 already have Iris scanner which works as well if not better than faceID and they also have facial recognition if you want that.

  2. My Note 4 finally died on me like a month ago and I got that in 2014. So I am very excited for this phone!!

  3. hello unpopular opinion here, Id be totally cool with them making the phone thicker and the top bezzel thicker if it meant a true deph camera, duel wide angle camera on the back, and longer battery life!
    id be cool with a bixby button ONLY IF it became fully reprogrammable, texturized, AND if bixby was actually able to be on top of all the other dedicated AI, youd have to get rid of google assistant! the less cluttered the better!!!

  4. Your account should be permanetly banned from YouTube. Your whole account is click-bait, and just speculation. Useless , iritating and zero true information . Its close to scam video as it gets. Get a life.

  5. Ha now Samsung is copying Apple with the “Face-ID”! Also btw u headass, Apple has been working on their Face-ID and the IPhone X for over 3 years now so… this is such a Samsung Fanboy channel

  6. When note 9 comes out I will not buy the snapdragon version. I love that note 8 snapdragon but It's to go with the big dogs