Samsung Galaxy S9+ review – cool camera, check 960 fps slowmo video

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Here is the Samsung Galaxy S9+ review. The unique thing about this handset is the dual aperture camera on the rear and this S9+ can shoot impressive slow-mo videos. Do check the samples in this video.

For the unboxing video and key features of Samsung Galaxy S9+ check this video first –

In this video I have covered the following
1. Camera app features
2. camera quality, samples and slow motion video samples.
3. This handset can shoot 4K videos at 60fps, video stabilisation is available.
4. Antutu benchmark score
5. gaming performance (Asphalt 8)
6. Heating
7. Battery charging time and performance
8. Verdict

you can buy this handset from here –

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S9+ is a king of mobile phones jungle. No one beat him in specs, performance especially camera, sound quality, displays technology, sensors. Yes any one compete him= Galaxy note 8.
    Guy's king is not alone, he hv a beautiful queen "Apple iPhone X" ???