Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumours, Leaks & Big Changes!

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9+. Lots of rumours and leaks about these two awesome phones with an announcement pegged for February or early March. Watch for the full low down!

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  1. Samsung starts to follow Apple more and more , I'm not saying that they don't innovate but they start not to be the first to do amazing changes to the galaxy s line ore note line , they just wait for others to bring cool stuff and they just wait to make it better , would be amazing to have a surprise and have an under screen fingerprint, if not , I'll stick with my s7 edge another year .

  2. I don’t really care about stereo speakers. Galaxy phones were always loud enough.
    Just keep the headphone jack. It’s far more important than stereo speakers and even water resistance.

  3. they cant figure a decent placement for that fingerprint scanner can they? bet the nexxt complaint is that it gets the camera lense dirty

  4. Actually, the Galaxy S9 is rumored to have a 3200 mah battery. The S9+ battery hasnt been leaked, but considering that it's also a little thicker than the S8+, it should have 3600 – 3700 mah battery (but thats just my speculations).

  5. sir edges make it different, and look like 3d ,such as images are popping out , so it's great , and I like idea of Samsung that they have implemented it
    but other's not.
    Samsung bought revolution in display category

  6. I’ve never been a fan of S series although they are great phones. I will stick to my iPhone X and Note 8. I think in the world of Android, Galaxy Note is the only phone that feels quality, precision, beauty, functionality and have the best Android layout overall. Other Android phone are all 1 whole level below the Note series. iPhone also is killing it with the X. I am amazed by this phone. These 2 undoubtedly are the best on the planet. Love them.

  7. Galaxy S9/S9+ will be awesome phones despite being similar to the current S8 line with the design. Glad Samsung has finally listened and will move the fingerprint sensor in the middle. Great the S9+ will have dual cameras, though if only they add it to the smaller S9 as well, that way only difference between both devices are screen size & battery. If I'm able to get the S9+, I can give my Dad my S8+ since he's been using an LG G4 since it's launch. I do hope both S9's have stereo speakers (utilizing the earpiece), but we'll wait and see, unfortunately Bixby is still being added. 🙁 What features do you hope to be on the new Smartphones besides embedded fingerprint sensor. Do hope the iris scanner gets better by being faster & usable in sunlight. Thanks Matt! Hope you get this. 🙂

  8. I am waiting for s9. I will pre order it.I have s6 edge plus no sd card slot and no water resistance…need an upgrade

  9. I just want Samsung to only use Exynos chips worldwide and not Snapdragon cos very good features and much faster performance always get restricted and it's really annoying

  10. Looking forward to the next LG V series phone. In general looking forward to see how the changes LG has made in its infrastructure will effect their mobile division. Also will be watching Google to see what they bring and how iPhone goes with the LG?? Screens. Could be a interesting year (or will end up being safe n boring one). I think Samsung is playing it safe with galaxy series.

  11. Can someone please tell Samsung to bump up the amountof RAM on the regular S9 as well? 4 GB of RAM just isn't enough when the system & apps take up 2 GB, nearly 1 GB (678 MB) is Reserved on my S7. It leaves it with only 1 GB or less of RAM free most of the time. And it's been the same number for the past 2 years. It should go up now even for the regular S9. They shouldn't take this stupid Apple approach just to differentiate the S9 from the S9+. Their phones need a minimum of 6-8 GB RAM like the Note 8. And please, bring the IR blaster back so we're able to control our TVs, cable boxes, & Set-top boxes. Idk why they got rid of it 2 years ago on with the S7 onwards when the phones before that had it