Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus Clock Widget for All Android Devices

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Clock Widget for All Android Devices


Install Galaxy S9 Clock Widget
Download the APK file from the Playstore Xwidget.
Install it as a normal APK file. This will install an app called ‘XWidget’ on your device.
Open the XWidget app. Go to Online section.
Search for ‘Galaxy S8’. Note: Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 come with the same clock widget; so we are good!
Once you do the above search, you will get a list. Select Galaxy S8 Original Clock from that list. The widget will be downloaded.
Go to your homescreen.
Add XWidget Widget to your homescreen. Any size is fine. You can resize it later.
Select Galaxy S8 Clock Widget.

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  1. Thank you for advertising XWidget. We're asking you though to REMOVE the link for the pro .apk! The pro version was the only way for us to go on, continue the development and the creation of new widgets, or shutdown it the whole project. We need the support of the users so we can have the possibility to pay our weather services and servers. Please respect it and remove that link for the description (copyright infringement). Thank you

    Jimking – XWigget Team

    PM: In your desciption you're also saying that the "The latest update of the app is very bad." What exactly do you mean? What are your issues?