Samsung Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Front Glass Broken Screen Repair/Replacement Teardown

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—-This Same Method Can be Applied to Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus OLEDS—-

In this video we go over replacing the front glass screen on Samsung Galaxy S9. We hope you all get some good information from this process and familiarize yourself on how the front glass screens are replaced.
If you have any questions or need to get screen repaired feel free to contact us!

Remember always mind the flex!

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  1. Please tell me how I can change out the shattered glass over my camera on the back of my S9 Galaxy? And where I can send off for the replacement glass

  2. Hi Mr Phone Doctor!! I was just watching this and now I have question I hope u can answer. I brought my 10 month old S9+ to a repair shop today for glass screen replacement. It had 82% battery life when I left it there but when I came back an hour later to pick it up, it was completely dead. I asked if the screen replacement process drained my battery and he said yes. But from watching what u did here, I don't see how my battery was drained within an hour. My question is, is it true or possible that my battery went from 82% to 0 within an hour during screen replacement? How?

    Thank you very much in advance!

  3. I have two questions. so the autoclave machine has a vacuum pump to suck air out of the autoclave chamber or a compressor blow air into the autoclave machine and pressurize it? also do you mind sharing what kind of liquid/solvent you are using to separate the display from the frame and do the cleaning? thank you

  4. I have somebody from Verizon coming to my Ohio home tomorrow to fix my cracked screen. I cannot see anybody lugging all of this equipment into my home to perform a quality job. I want my phone to look new when they are finished. It's a company called Asurion. What would you recommend? Cancel the claim, or give them a try? They wanted me to basically tell them if it was just the glass, or more than the glass over the phone. I'm not a phone tech, so I just do not have a good feeling about the in home repair. BTW, great work!

  5. Hello. What type of liquid do you use to remove LCD from the frame? I've been using Novecel 9666 OCA glue remover. I believe sometimes when the liquid makes contact with the flex cable, the touch stops working. Thanks in advance.

  6. Nice work! Been messing around with OLEDs after refurbing LCDs for about a year. We’ve been using the freezer for S8 and S8 Plus. Getting separation of the OLED with the S9. Going to try your methods on the next ones. What are the shims you’re using to separate from the frame and to start the wire to remove glass? OCA protective sheets?

  7. So after the 20th time or so of dropping my S9+ I finally broke the screen. On the bottom left got a crack. Phone works perfectly. Also have a thin line on the bottom which looks like light shining from underneath a door. What do you think needs replacing?

  8. My phone fell on a corner (it's an S9) and I have a black spot on my screen where it penetrated a bit further. Since it's very expensive to get a new screen i really need to get at least the black spot away. Is there any way how to?

  9. OK the problem I have is my phone is broken from the back but it's bent so the front screen is lifted from the bezel so my question is can it be replaced Do I need a front and a back glass does the back glass comes with a bezel brand new bezel ?

  10. Good day I really like your review and how to replace the front screen but how can I get a front screen on a back screen also with the bezel ? Can you pls help me