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What can we expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ and will it be a big upgrade over the S8? Here’s the leaks and rumors so far about the Galaxy S9 price, specs and release date.
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  1. A Fingerprint scanner in the display will be a game-changer. Probably won't see it until the S10 though. Face ID is lame, and it should never be the only way to unlock your phone without typing in the passcode. Fingerprint scanners on the back are ok, but it's more convenient on the front.

  2. What I want from the S9:
    2) Better positioned and larger Fingerprint reader
    3) 4K60fps video
    4) Make the second camera a wide-angle like the LG phones
    5) A more "squared off" design like the Note 8
    6) Natively re-mappable Bixby Button

  3. I will buy a Galaxy S9+ IF they do the following :
    1. Get rid of Bixby button (really stupid button)
    2. Get rid of the power button (just use the fingerprint sensor like LG v30)
    3. Increase Ram to 6GB
    4. Increase Battery by 200 Mah
    5. Double tap which takes you to home page (Like LG)
    6. Don't make the device thicker !! Should be no thicker than 7.5mm

    PS: I wold love to buy a LG V30+ (with 6Gb RAM) but they don't sell it and no carrier has contract for V30+ in my country. Samsung sells many phones by simply selling in more places.

  4. I own the S8+ and I think it's an utterly amazing phone. What you say about the battery life I can't relate to. The battery lasts longer than a full day and I use it often. I even work in the equivalent of an Iron Curtain so my phone is constantly (and irritatingly) dropping 4G and re-establishing 4G which, as you know, doesn't help with battery longevity. However, I have never been left wanting for more battery at the end of the day. So, for me, an excellent purchase and I have high hopes for the S9+ too.

  5. Dual camera and finger print scanner location worth upgrade?? You must behave $800 plus that you m7st spend. The galaxy s8 plus is a very good phone. One single reason Samsung haven't upgraded massively

  6. Under the display fingerprint? What's left for the note then
    Stereo speaker and Samsung doesn't belong in the same sentence
    And one thing Samsung, putting different camera for the smaller and bigger brother is stupid. Just because I have rather smaller hand doesn't mean I want any less features.

  7. I wish that they would take a hint I wish everyone would take a hint from the Verizon with 30 and have that second let’s be a wide angle lens. I mean seriously who needs more darn portrait blurb pictures we all need wide-angle lens is for selfies hands front facing camera and for the back camera everyone wants to be a blogger now wide angle lens is the way to go we take way more pictures of ourselves with backgrounds and we actually do of one person in the Portrait view.. How can we significantly send this message to Samsung I have a note 8 right now and I basically have never use that portrait second lens and I’ve had it for since two weeks after it came became out. Wide-angle lens wide-angle lens wide angle lens please

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  9. I would love an s9+ with a bigger battery, improved face scanning & a stereo speaker. I will be more happy if it have 90% screen to body ratio & an in display fingerprint scanner ??

  10. To me the dual camera tech is a step back…I see us going back to singular lense soon…Google has best out now they say…so that may be proof…DSLR are singular..of course. Lol

  11. Bigger better battery. Stop short changing us. When will these companies realize that with all these powerful do everything phones – a bigger long lasting battery is needed….

  12. Samsung galaxy S8 ans S8+ are cool phones, but i like even more if it had a better battery life and dual cameras. If the S9 and S9+ come with these features it'll be the best phone in 2018. but if Note 9 come with a better battery life, that's gonna be the winner.????✌.

  13. haha you're saying that it's going to be announced in january and released in august?! ? nah, you're confusing it withe the note 9 release or have like the dodgiest source for your news