Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ Review: Meh? It’s Totally Fine.

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Welp, our Samsung Galaxy S9 review is here! In this video, we recap the many thoughts we have about the S9 and Galaxy S9+ following our written review. This is more S9 opinion and whether or not it’s the phone to switch to, whereas our written review has the dirty details. Be sure to read it!

As for me, as you can tell from the video, the S9 and S9+ are really, really good phones, they just aren’t the phones for me. I’m sticking with the Pixel 2 XL until something better comes along.

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  1. The Pixel line up is for tech people. It does a lot of things right but comparing to the s9 it's just not the complete package. Mediocre screen, bad speaker, stupid colorful design and the worst material choice ive ever seen on a recent years flagship.

  2. The Funniest Fanboy review I've even seen…

    Came here for an "objective" Review of the S9+ but instead I see a dude keep talking about his Pixel Phone LoL.

    Oh Yeah, already bought the S9+ 256GB over a month ago, hands down the best choice compared to Pixel Phone which is not widely available in Indonesia (one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world), so I wonder… Why?

  3. The argument of Samsung Flagships lagging after few months are old news, they keep saying that cause there's nothing else to say! My S8 plus, my girlfriend S7 are running as good as new

  4. I have the Note 8 and I am so close to getting the Pixel 2 XL for the camera. Do you guys think it's worth it? I can get the S9+ too cause I'm on TMobile JUMP on demand. I'm a little torn. Your nice input will be much appeciated

  5. So you value software over hardware? I can change the software but I can't install a headphone jack or wireless charging into a Pixel 2XL. I don't know what to say about your dislike of glass other than to point out that aluminum scratches much easier than gorilla glass. I personally always use a case regardless considering that the screen is still at risk no matter what phone you buy. To each their own, and I was deep into the Nexus line for years but Samsung just brings so much more to the table. Besides, I held off from updating my S8+ to the S9+ until the update and found that it really wasn't that big of a deal. You mention that the upgrade from S8 to S9 isn't that big a deal, I submit that the update from Nougat to Oreo wasn't exactly life changing. I definitely wouldn't tie myself to an inferior device just so I could be first to get it.

  6. First of all, Droid Life is almost a daily read for me and I enjoy and respect very much the work they do. That said, this is the most disappointing video review of a major phone I can remember watching here. This should have been your comparison video and not the official review of the S9. The written review is much more balanced and neutral. I get that Kellen is in love with the Pixel, and that is totally fine. But having that phone as a major part of two of your main S9 videos seems a bit much. I almost never comment to complain, but since DL is my favorite Android site, I expect more from you guys. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  7. Why do you even bother reviewing Samsung phones?? Everytime you review them, you're constantly crapping all over them while praising Google Pixel. Just come out at the BEGINNING of every Galaxy review and just say 'I hate Samsung phones and I love Google phones. At least then, you'll have saved us seven minutes instead of always wasting our time. You always spend half of every Galaxy or LG review bashing it cuz it's software or hardware is not exactly like a Pixel. Can DroidLife find a reviewer who can be at least sorta objective when reviewing Galaxy phones?? I know your love affair with Pixel phones and that's understandable,it's a damn good phone. But, Jesus Christ, if a new Galaxy or LG phone doesn't do EXACTLY what the Pixel does, then you automatically shit all over it rather than judging it by its own individual uniqueness. If you're gonna continue doing this in all of your video reviews of non-Pixel phones, then why not just stick to reviewing only Pixel phones? Those seem to be the only Android phones you like anyway. Kellen, your reviews are getting stale. You're starting to sound like a broken record. I guess you've just gotten lazy and don't wanna put in the effort to do a worthwhile review. At least Andrew Martonik of Android Central is fair,objective and extremely informative when he reviews phones. All you do anymore is shove how awesome thr Pixel is down our throats! Enough already. Sheesh!!

  8. They're perfect, for what Samsung does. That's it. I still prefer the Pixel 2XL. The stock experience is not only the best, but the fastest. The camera still outshines the one on the S9/+. That's due to tbe software improvements google keeps adding.

  9. I have a s9 (non plus) and I get pretty decent battery life, I am happy with it not a very big deal with all the wireless chargers around and such. I love it but that is just me I understand your gripes

  10. I agree fully with your review. I picked up an s9 and it literally took me days to get the phone to the point where I was getting 5 hours of sot.. the device itseld is awesome.but unfortunately it's the software that kinda ruins the experience for me. to each their own obviously my opinion is there's just too much going on and as the updates roll in I fear battery life will take even more of a hit..

  11. I'm not sure how you managed to scratch your screen like that other than being really careless. I've had pretty much every major phone released for the last 10 years and I have never scratched a screen like that. And I don't use screen protectors.

    Also, is it cold in your house, or what?

  12. Let's agree to disagree from a consumer standpoint most people would go with the s9, reality it's a better all round phone it does everything it needs to efficiently the pixel 2xl let's be honest has made a lot of controversy with its hardware not all hardware is created equally and to top it off I hated touchwiz now I don't mind it's gotten better to the point I don't need a stock Android phone , I respect your opinion but do a survey the general public will say s9 trust me not great at one thing but good at everything

  13. This review is awful… Why do u even compare these 2 smartphones in a S9 Review? The Google Pixel 2 has the Software advantage (obvious since it is from Google) and a slightly better camera but that's it.

  14. Been nude with my Note8 awhile and no issues. What r u doing with the poor thing? As for batteries, don't most people carry an extra external these days? It's 2018

  15. Am I missing out on something with the pixel 2 xl ??? Lol. I switched from the pixel xl to the s9+ and I love it. I also had TONS of problems with my pixel, but when it worked it was nice. I just don't see any big reason the pixel 2 xl is all that great. I will admit that it sucks that the SW updates take forever on Samsung.

  16. Hey Droid Life. I have listen to plenty of your podcast. I will admit your podcast has the best format and video quality on any phone reviewers out there on You tube. But one thing I have already known way before, that you guys have the most lukewarm reception of wanting to do reviews of any phones outside of that pixel you so madly in love with. Anyone that listen to your podcast knew you hate Samsung "touchwiz", and their glass back. You don't care about the headphone jack. You even made that bold statement about not getting enough of that pixel. Listening through this so call "reviews", it seem obvious this is more of your own bias opinion, rather than a review. There is a difference. It is fine if your choice is the pixel. You like whatever it is. The pixel is a great phone and deserve to be commended. I even say the screen problem is blown way out of proportion. But as a well known "tech reviewer" on you tube, your audiences expected better. Flossy Carter and plenty of amateur you tubers have better reviews of their phones and products than this. You know why?……Because they really use it to the fullest extent and then give their audiences their pros and cons.

  17. Such bias towards Pixel. I had the Pixel 2 for about 3 months after the S8 and other than the camera there's really nothing else good about it. It removed convenient hardware features and even its highly praised software is way behind Samsung when it comes to options and convenience. It's already known that Android P is only now implementing features and design elements Samsung has had for years. Pixel 2 build quality is trash as revealed by Jerryrigeverything and it has the worst display (XL at least) for a phone if its price. How a reviewer is able to objectively say Pixel 2 is a better phone is beyond me… Maybe subconsciously biased to Google for being an American/Western company.

  18. Let's make it clear if it was not for Samsung and Touchwiz ,android would be died . Stock android has never been applying to the mass. Thank the Tech Gods for Samsung ,if not apple would role 90% of the market and that's a fact.Your pixcle would have never existed

  19. Unsubbed. Super biased towards Pixel. Even EverythingApplePro isn't this goggly-eyed fanboyish when it comes to iPhones. Pretty much this entire review boils down to "it's not as dumbed down as the Pixel so I don't like it". Lame AF.

  20. Maybe I should toss s9 plus in the trash , and go pick up the Pixel XL, a phone that lack in So many areas! Such as A CRAPPY screen, no headphone jack …shall I go on????