Samsung Galaxy S9 (Snapdragon 845) vs Samsung Galaxy S10e (Exynos 9820)

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We all expect that the newest phones in a series (like the Galaxy S10e) will perform better than the previous generation (say like the Galaxy S9). But that might not be true once you throw a little bit of Snapdragon vs Exynos rivalry into the ring!

Intro to Speed Test G:

5 Reasons Why Smartphone Speed Tests Are Fundamentally Flawed:






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  1. Always very interesting to watch , but what would be interesting also i think , is to see how these separate performance items are actually used while using the phone in normal day to day stuff ,
    so for example , if loading up a page with news articles , in one corner the phone could display how much gpu was used in loading said page , also how much cpu , perhaps how much of both while video in operation , same for taking a photo ??
    probably not possible , but just a thought .

  2. I think the Exynos 9820 has driver issues. Theoretically speaking, it should be more powerful than the Adreno GPU of the SD845 but it still can't even render a single frame properly even at 1080p?

  3. It's the best Mali I've seen and now I can see why honor phones do so bad in GPU with a less powerful version. The Mali hates something about that test where as in real world it performs stronger. It also performed stronger in first version of speed test G. Conclusion. Mali is up to anything current but should graphics in games improve in future it will be useless. Adreno should be more future proof. Right now I think you'll tend to see cpu differences more.

  4. Was S9 running at 1440p vs 1080p on S10e ? Would the result be even better if run at same 1080p resolution or Unity/Unreal run at some fixed resolution? Thanks for the test, Gary!

  5. Samsung started to ditching Arm Mali gpu..Arm make a big jump in performance after..just look at Mediatek Soc..G90t..even almost on par with SD Mediatek gain a big performance in their new Dimensity Soc with Mali gpu..

  6. these set of test is pushing me to ask you proffesor is the g test optimized to fully use the potentials of cpus like Exynos, Kirin, mediatek as it's optimized for the snapdragon?!!

  7. Hi Gary. I have a Lenovo P2 and would like to see its performance running SpeedTestG. I know I can't test it myself, but can you do a test on a device that has a snapdragon 625 on board?
    I know this comment will sink away in the sea of comments, so I will post it on other videos too. Hope you read this and hope there will be a 625 on this channel!

  8. Hahahaahah all we know whose the loser.

    It's definitely exinos no matter how many years difference is between snapdragon and exinos. Exinos sucks at real usage.