Samsung Galaxy S9 vs OnePlus 5T | ULTIMATE Camera test

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Another ULTIMATE Camera test entry on the Lover of Tech channel. This time with the new Samsung Galaxy S9 vs OnePlus 5T. Who will be the winner the flagship or flagship killer?!

Time Stamps:

Selfie Camera Specs and Test 0:01

Main Camera Specs 1:51

Daylight Video Test 3:48

Autofocus Test 6:16

Slow Motion 7:11

Low Light Video Test 7:33

Super Slow Motion 9:55

Low Light Pictures 10:12

Day Light Pictures 15:12

Conclusion 20:34

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  1. I Guess Samsung’s Dual Pixel As Fuck!!!
    Has Improved A Lot In The Past Years.

    -BTW Here’s The Final Answer To One Plus 5 T Equation.
    T= (1-0)/5
    T= 0.2
    So Then Substitute The Value Of “T” Which Is (0.2)
    Both Brackets Then Get Canceled Out Leaving:
    Then Both Fractions Are Similar Leaving One Equation.
    1+5T (T=0.2)
    Answer Of 1+5T
    Which Then Finalizes To 2.

  2. Are you crazy to do a zoom comparison. 5T has a digital zoom and S9 is optical. Clearly a biased review. Also the video stabilization comparison is biased. It is not as shaky as you present for 5T, it has the smoothest stabilization than any other phone I've used till date.

  3. Question about Samsung Financing do u need a SIM card to do it on Samsung website it said Samsung Financing monthly payment can u help explain Samsung Financing