Samsung Galaxy S9: What We Know

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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are coming soon. This is what we think we know.

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  1. cool! not gonna buy it! I wish the Pixel 3 had bigger battery and bigger screen with same resolution and the same dimensions as the Pixel 2. A second wide angle camera would also be great! It would be … finally … the perfect phone! SD 845 8Gb/128Gb.

  2. Funny how every yr a new galaxy phone comes out it's "s model update" like iPhone s update. No one says the new LG, HTC, Pixel, hwaweui Motorola, or Sony will be a "s" model update. And just because the note 8 comes out 6 months later doesn't make it "obsolete". Obsolete means it's unusable. Not everyone wants the note

  3. For me S8 fingerprint scanner placement is pretty good. When holding your phone the thumb is placed on the power button and your index finger is placed bottom left of the phone. If the fingerprint scanner is placed in the middle e.g. lg g6 or pixel 2 it feels the phone is going to slide off on your hands. Personal opinion.

  4. Well, no upgrade for me then, I do not like plus sizes on any brand and I would definitely instant buy if it were to have the dual cameras on the small version, unfortunately that will not be the case so for me s8 to s9 = almost nothing new… and I could not care less about speed and chips since my phone is still never ever lagged or spiked / slowed.

  5. I don't think the Note makes the S+ obsolete at all. It's marginally better in some ways, but is bulkier, has a smaller battery, and a lot of people will never use the stylus.

  6. Hey +Samsung, TechnoBuffalo is a definite YouTube influencer — many people make purchasing decisions based on their videos. With this in mind: Please send them the Galaxy S9 & Note 9 (when available) for review! 🙂

  7. The first youtuber I saw that highlighted that finger print sensor is not an issue for left handed user, I agree 101% with you, it is rather more intuitive for me. Great video btw.