Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Tips and Tricks Tutorial

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Galaxy Tab Tips Article: This video shows dozens of tips and tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet, from just starting tips to more advance tricks, especially all the features with Samsung’s custom user interface. I’m showing the 7-inch Galaxy Tab 4 in the video, but all the tips apply to the 8 and 10 inch models too, and probably some of Samsung’s older tablets as well to some extent.


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  1. hii downloaded restore my videos music etc but my Samsung galaxy tab 4 is saying unable to find application to perform this action, can you help me to resolve this please

  2. Hi

    I'm trying to download pics/videos from my camera to my tablet. I've put the camera memory card in my memory card reader and usually use my laptop for download. How do I connect this memory card reader to my Samsung galaxy tab 4?


  3. Hiya great video very helpful… Is there any chance you can do a video for speaker problems and how to fix them including replacing the speaker if needed.

  4. When I long press my home screen that drop down menu doesn't comeup. The only thing that comes up is at the bottom of the screen is wallpaper and widgets. What can I do to change this?

  5. Thank you! I was struggling with managing the screens and setting the home screen. I loved the tip about going to the home screen and then pressing the…I can't think of the name…the bottom left button. 😉 Helped me immensely.

  6. I have tab 4 7.0 ,Is it possible to update the android 4.4.2 to 5.0+(lollipop).I want to smoothly record screen.but it is impossible in 4.4.2 unrooted tab4

  7. i am having issues with my camera. I want to have it stay on the brightness (number 9) but is stays on 5. 🙁 that is so irritating. how can i get it to stay on 9.

  8. how do I get the home button and back button at the bottom of the screen when using up right instead of on the side of the tab 4 10.1 ?

  9. I notice their NO mention how to Stop tab from connecting to internet, example child safty, keeping child from connecting to internet when their playing games and game adds or game want them to go get their price or download something…How to disable/block connection to internet/data connection…Now wifi does not seem to disable it completly….thanks