Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Tips & Tricks Tutorial

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Galaxy Tab Tips Guide: This video shows various tips on the Galaxy Tab E Lite tablet. For more tips and tricks see the written article above. It’s for the Tab A but 90% apply to the Tab E Lite as well. This video is lower res than usual because it’s designed specifically to play on the Tab E Lite.


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  1. Your video is only at 360p. Is that really the highest it can go? I was thinking about getting this tablet to do some basic video editing but i was hoping it would at least be able to make 720p videos.

  2. To the people complaining about this tablet, it was dumbed down and redesigned as a kids tablet. It isn't made for high powered gaming, complicated video creation and editing, or other high end tasks. THIS TABLET WAS REDESIGNED FOR CHILDREN! GET. OVER. IT.