Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and Apple iPad Air Comparison Smackdown

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Lisa Gade compares the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 and the Apple iPad Air. Check out our video review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 at:
Check out our video review of the Apple iPad Air at:
Check out our written review of the Apple iPad Air :


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  1. I like apple ipad better then android tablet because i hate android and i haven't tried an android tablet and also beacause i like apple ipad because i have an apple ipad….it means the winner is apple ipad….and do you guys know why i like apple because i have an apple ipad….the winner is apple ipad and apple yay go apple ipad and Apple!!….

  2. I just returned my Samsung Note 10.1 2014 edition after 10 days. I was having issues with it becoming unresponsive and completely freezing up. It cost me $499 and I exchanged it for an iPad Air 32GB on sale for $399. I'll see how it goes. Hopefully I don't have similar issues. 

  3. Just got the tab pro 10.1 and I heard a lot of question about battery drain. I decided to do the experiment on the battery. I do this by leave it alone for 7 hours. After 7 hours I checked and it was only drain by 2%. The tablet is fast, a bit lag sometime but only half of second. I downloaded games and they're all work fine apart from my favourite game (heroes of order and chaos), I opened this game and it come up 'unfortunately, heroes O&C has stopped working' and it's piss me off, and I'm about to sell it to get the ipad 4. Why?, because I have ipad2 and I never have even a single problem with Apple store. Sorry for my bad English.

  4. I am so disappointed 😭 off my iPad air so sad…. I fall for the apple in the back like Cinderella🍎 and like many orders stupids like me …I can't wait to get a galaxy pro… And put this Apple in the shelf forever and ever🍌

  5. A very important point is that if you already have an Andriod phone or a Laptop you wont be able to connect them with the ipad via bluetooth ….  that is a real downer.   If you have ALL apple devices then thats great, but if not… get the Samsung so you can keep all your andriod devices connected : )

  6. Does the battery drain in sleep mode?i wanna get this tablet to replace my ipad mini but if the battery drain on sleep mode,I'll look for another tablet,maybe nexus 10

  7. It really boils down to personal preference, and also whether you use all iDevices like some people I know do, but for me, it's the Samsung by far. I love the added features and I don't prefer metal so the faux leather is more than good enough for me. Might not be classy to some, but it's quite tasteful. 

  8. I do not know why lots of people paying more only for "feels nicer to hold", i am living in Ireland. The weather of this country is so cold 9 months winter and 3 months summer, i thought if i buy an iPad holding of this tablet will be very hard for me because of the aluminium back body my hand will be frozen. Tab pro( open source,more ppi more cores and more ram bigger screen). The problem of lagging some times but less then one second is nothing. 

  9. So you said the ipad gives you a better "book like" presentation of an online book (paraphrasing)…. but then you admit that the books are formatted differently therefore leading to the ipads presentation looking better.  Don't you think you should have tried the same book on both screens instead of jumping to an incorrect conclusion?  Thanks for hiding your bias.

  10. Thank you for providing this review it was somewhat helpful.  I would suggest however when sharing screenshots of videos, books, magazines, etc. that you have the same shot up on both devices to give a better comparison.  Good review though.  Thanks again.

  11. i dont know why so many people want their device to me made from metal when technology is goining thinner lighter and polymer. So samsung is doing the right job choosing plastics.

  12. iPad has a better user friendly interface and old man can operate an ipad but the Tab pro not so much.
    Tab pro has complicated interface so it will take time to understand
    For me the ip a d is the best Tablet for Game and School purpose the fact is I own an ipad air 128GB WiFi

  13. Excellent review and comparison .. the deal breaker for me is no memory card expansion on the Apple iPad Air .. game over as far as I am concerned.