Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 hands-on preview

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Samsung has brought its tablet line up to speed with the latest specs, features and design from the Galaxy S line of phones. It’s the Galaxy Tab S3! Read more at

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  1. didn't even mention the HDR. which is the thing I am most interested in. the s-pen is great of course, but we all know about that already. I am guessing this is the only device which has HDR and isn't 4k, which makes me wonder what, if any content, will put the HDR to use on it? will Netflix stream 4k HDR videos on it in HDR?

    either way, $600 is too much, so will be waiting for it to either drop or a sale and get it when it hits around $400.00. my S2 should satisfy till then.

  2. Good grief this is Android Central, the place to be upbeat about a premier top of the line tablet. You sound like like you'd be more enthused to get a colonic flush than review this tablet.

  3. they're still trying to imitate the iPad instead of going with their own original design like they did with the original tab s. I don't understand it, they'll never make better ipads than apple, they need to do samsung stuff, not apple stuff

  4. A lot of other reviewer are saying that the Tab S3 will cost somewhere around 700€ which is too high! I was looking forward for the S3 since november last 2016 (my tablet is 5 years old) but for that price it will probably not be the preferred option.

  5. I am a teacher by profession and the Tablet is a crucial reading device for me as it helps read massive articles and book chapters with ease and with apps like Adobe Reader I can annotate and highlight crucial elements easily. I am looking for an upgrade to my trusty iPad 4 this could be it. Could you tell me if the s-pen functionality carried forward into 3rd party apps like the Adobe Reader?

  6. Have you noticed that anyone that uses an S-pen never does anything productive and just scribbles over everything, even the Adobe creative artist just created a scribbly face.