Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 hands on

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Samsung is back in the high-end tablet space with their latest offering. We find out what it has to offer, in this hands-on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3! Read more:

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  1. Can anyone tell me where the hell the secure folder went to? I stored a lot of passwords in there also some notes. I don't use it a whole lot but went to go look for it tonight and it is gone. Cannot find it anywhere. when I search for the app it tells me that is not met for this device anymore. What the hell all my passwords everything that I trust it inside of it they just took it. I usually talk really highly about Samsung but this is a piece of shit move

  2. I can't keep up with all this shit. It's too many options out there. I just need a damn tablet with adequate speeds to run multiple applications at once; I don't need a lot of space because I can just use a SD card. But I need it to allow me to use the full Microsoft suite, and it needs to works well with a pen including palm rejection on the screen so I don't have to write with my damn hand floating in the air. But I cant afford some $1,000 price tag like the surface.. How hard is all this to ask -_-

  3. It is useless cos it ram is less than 1 GB dont waste ur money to buy it.Tablet also already outdated bcos it network is only 3G not 4G.