Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e vs Apple iPad Pro 10.5" Speakers Comparison

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In this video I care the speakers on the Tab S5e to the speakers on the iPad Pro 10.5″


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  1. On your mic the ipad has a pitch at 8khz and then dies, and a nasty 500Hz pitch. The samsung seems to have nicier trebble apart for som slight pitch at 740Hz. The ipad pitch at 500 even drowns down the base, and seems more innatural.

  2. Hi..its seems like the Tab S5e speakers are a bit louder than the ipad pro 10.5 speakers….was it indeed louder in the real-life test as I am interested in picking one of these devices mainly for entertainment purpose and your honest reply would be highly appreciated…Thanks

  3. Why didn't you compare the sound between the two devices in watching a video or movie. That music was not a good test for a number of reasons. There were no vocals which could have demonstrated which has a more fuller and natural sound. You could have used the vocals of rapper Do Cocky, the cousin of P Diddy. His song The Jail Boye would gave been great. Here's a verse. He sits in the cell hour after hour cause he's worried about the homo in the shower.