Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ Long Term Review: 6 Months Later! WOW!

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This is my long term review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus 6 months later. The Tab S7+ is the flagship Android and Samsung Tablet, and here are more thoughts. (affiliate link)

The Tab S7+ is a large and powerful flagship tablet from Samsung, and it even comes with a stylus – the ever popular Samsung S Pen – which even has air gesture support. The tablet is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC which offers tons of power and is great for gaming, productivity, and works beautifully with the 12.4″ AMOLED screen with 120hz refresh rate, which is gorgeous and the biggest reason to upgrade over the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 or Tab S5e. This is the best and biggest Android tablet that money can buy and also the most complete, and even has OneUI and Dex, plus Wireless Dex support! I’ve been using the Tab S7+ every day for about 6 months now and I have learned a lot about the Tab S7 Plus battery life/Tab S7+ battery life, the Tab S7 Plus screen/Tab S7+ screen, and much much more – and the Galaxy Tab S7+ price has even dropped! The Tab S7+ is the best tablet of 2020, and so far the best android tablet of 2021 (best tablet 2021).

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  1. Thanks for the video. Very informative. I've been using a Tab E for a couple of years and want to move to a larger tablet. Considering the Table A7, but would rather get the S7. Found the A7 with 64 Gb for $221 at a couple of sites days ago, but it seems that the sellers recently bumped the price back up to the MSRP of $277. Maybe best to keep saving my change and wait for an S7 or S8.

    Fair winds and following seas to all

  2. I wish they would stop putting expensive cameras on tablets. I mean who uses that… I only have problems at Work with them cause i can't have any kind of camera in studio.

  3. For media playback, what is the preferred software for android that handles internal and external sub titles files?
    How is the screen reflections in an almost dark room for movie watching?

  4. I'm considering the Samsung S7 plus and as a truck driver using the GPS ….can you give any input or any opinions on the GPS?

    I've heard it may lack a bit with its GPS and for a premium tablet like this I would not buy it if it doesn't have a great GPS.


  5. Great follow up review 🙂

    Once your on Dex desktop surely you wouldn't be using apps, for phones and tablets, and be using their proper webpages? As long as the meater "apps" work which are actual programs – word, excel, sketchbook, clip studio pro etc – it should be fine?

    Im not sure the pen shows the wear after a few hours use, I think those marks are the pen nib leaving traces in the oil from our hands. Ive had the same nib for month and draw daily on the tablet. I love the s-pen too, I think its better than wacoms and the apple stylus – if not in build quality.

  6. This is the kind of review that I needed, not that I'll get a tablet, I don't have the savings for that. But I was planning to get one. Thank you

  7. Solved the problem of being too big by going for the 12.4…great size!
    Thanks for the video…love it on samsung promotional trade in👏👏

  8. You make good points but I have some constructive critisism,
    In most of the video the product you talk about is not in view, and the brief moments it is are too jerky to get a good look of what you are trying to show.
    I would suggest slowing down the pace a bit and having the camera pointed at the product with a voicetrack overlay.

  9. I just ordered this tablet(256/8GB) and I am excited to see how well it will function/sinc with the watch, phone and tv that I own. I had a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and the screen flicker was a nightmare! All my friends have apple products and I truly enjoy the iPad Pro. Since all of my media is Samsung. I figured I would give it a try. Does anyone have any suggestions for a tablet mount for the vehicle, when I am overlanding?

  10. Is note taking better on 7+? Also does the bigger size become a hindrance when carrying it around and removing it from a bag or watching a movie lying down. Please help as I need to buy one urgently. Thanks.

  11. I wonder it's good enough for studying in university, and for office work( excel, word, PowerPoint) for next 2 years?. I wanna use s7+ replacing my laptop.

  12. FYSA: For readers out there, get Readly app… unlimited access to ALL magazines and international newspapers for $10/mo. (PressReader app has unlimited access to ALL newspapers and magazines BUT… it's $30/mo.)

    Basically, Readly with Kindle Unlimited is perfect combo for readers on their tablets.

  13. My one negative about the S7 are the sharp edges. I like using Tablets without the cover and holding the S7 is not as comfortable as the previous Samsung Tablets