Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing vs iPad Pro Comparison!

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The brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is here! The Galaxy Tab S7+ is basically the iPad Pro of the Android Tablet world so I wanted to do the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Unboxing more like a Galaxy Tab S7 Plus vs iPad Pro comparison. When the Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7 Plus gets closer to release I will do a full Galaxy Tab S7 Plus review and if you want me to get the smaller one I can also do a Galaxy Tab S7 review as well. Tab S7 Plus vs iPad Pro: Which one is better?

dbrand teardown skin on iPad Pro:

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  1. iPad pro is the greatest tablet ever made. The Magic Keyboard is far superior as it gives a charging port, freeing up the USB c port

  2. It recently was my birthday! I turned 26 years old. I have really wanted this all my life. I pray that the Lord can bless with a samsung tab s7+ one day!

  3. I bought a Samsung because before all I did was watch videos on my ipad pro and at least with the stylus and extra functions of the Samsung I will do more than just stream videos.

  4. I really want the tab s7 plus since its so practical, i really love android, and it comes with samsung dex…but…PROCREATE!!! I want it so bad…

  5. iPad Pro anyday, I own both so I know. Android is not at ALL optimized for tablet screens where iPados in the name tells that it's for iPads. iPads are also very long lasting and futureproof devices and you gotta be kidding me saying S7+ will be this smooth it is today 6-7years from now. iPad pro's a king in the tablet market and alone samsung can't change that.
    I'm currently using my iPad Pro 11 2020 and super happy with it. It feels so nice. It has replaced my laptop in every sense so yeah.

  6. apple really cheaping out on not having finger scanner on ipads. the excuse is its mmuch secure but it super slow. it will cost them super cheap if they included iphone 7 finger scanner but they didnt. what do we expect from apple. they even removed chargers from the box