Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2017 – Galaxy NOTE 8 Announcement Live Stream Press Conference

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Channel Graphics by: Joe Downing @LDSGraphics (THANKS!)


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  1. The worst part of Samsung is its terrible service!!! Try it before you buy the brand. If they make you stay on for hours, that is, if you can find access to them, that is, if you live in the right place, that is… by them your warantee has expired… and even if you insist that you will pay them to fix it… they dont want to… your product is obselete after one month of buying it… you should buy it again.
    Samsung sucks!!! and I will not pay for apple. Samsung crashes like crazy… I used to be a fan, now, Since my phones, tabs, tv have crashed after a simple update, or for no known reason… I buy other generic crap from China and works just as well for a quarter of the price. Thanks for nothing Big name brands.