Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Latest Leaks & Expectations

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Samsung Galaxy Watch was launched along with the Galaxy Note 9 in August of 2018. Although, it has been few months the Galaxy Note 10 was released, but there is no news on the Galaxy Watch 2. So far we only heard nothing but rumors about the galaxy watch 2. We are expecting the Galaxy Watch 2 to be released next year. Watch the full video to know what to expect, leaks and rumors about the Galaxy Watch 2.

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  1. They need to make the spinning bezel smaller but don't get rid of it and give the watch more screen real estate and it should be able to run Google and titzen

  2. This got me to dislike because
    1. I come to check up some news which has nothing to do with what is new?
    2. Supreme? Wow this cool video… so catchy…?
    3. I come to learn more about Samsung Smart watch. Yet first minutes… it's all about AppleWatch?
    4. Ok I am done. It has nothing to do with me here.

  3. Dude you gotta realise that all your drone vids have thousands of views. Make more of them. Adapt to what your viewers like. It's very clear what's popular and what's not.