Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Reason's Why You Should Buy it!

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

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  1. But why no announcements and major uprising because the ECG and Blood Pressure reading options ONLY work on Samsung phones. Can't install the needed Health Monitor app on non-Samsung phones. Bah! Super Pissed that I wasted my money, this was the whole reason I bought this watch. This kind of thing is why I dropped Samsung for Pixel phone years ago. Thought I would give Samsung one more chance, and they blew it big time. Bad Move Samsung!

  2. This watch is the biggest piece of crap out of anything i have ever purchased. It overheats 5 minutes into a call, hangs up , shows and overheat message and then turns off the LTE network. It could be i got a bad watch – but i am thinking this is just a piece of crap . It arrived late yesterday afternoon and has crashed 3 times like that. i have already printed the return label – save your time and money and do not buy this . Battery life rapidly drops – down 15% in less than an hour. it will probably last a while if you don't use the watch for anything. streaming – your battery will be gone in hours.

  3. YOU recommend buying this watch! Are you serious?
    * ECG & blood pressure monitoring is working in South Korea only 🤐
    * The compute (outdated) platform is just surrounded by a slightly modified body.
    * Still using an Exynos 9110 dual-core processor.
    * Battery size & life seems to be the same as in the Active 2.
    * Fall (trip) detection is just working theoretically & definitely not practically.
    * Sleep monitoring seems to be fairly unreliable.
    * A leather strap for a watch primarily used for sports is just ridiculous 🥳
    * No power stand as delivered with the original Galaxy Watch.
    THIS Watch is far from being #innovative & absolutely #OVERpriced for its average quality!
    You better might reconsider your recommendation…

  4. Don't buy the Galaxy Watch 3 until ECG, Blood Pressure Monitor etc. have been unlocked worldwide. Don't waste your money untill Samsung stays by their promis. They won't move untill they feel it is a fail without these features being unlocked…

  5. Water proof Yah right, read the Samsung forum and see how water proof their watches are and how many warranties have been voided from water damage.

  6. However my Galaxy Gear s3 smart watches just looks better with pretty much all the same functions as Galaxy watch 3, it is extremely difficult to switch from Amazing Gear s3 to Galaxy watch 3… I mean come on, Gear s3 has absolutely the best industrial design in any Samsung smart watches, at least in my opinion. (I am using Gear s3 classic ever since the Black Friday of 2017, and I bought my Gear s3 frontier all the way back to the Black Friday 2016! )

  7. Still rocking the S2 Frontier, still not seeing a legitimate reason to upgrade. Battery life maybe? Waterproofing? I charge my S2 every other night. Hard for me to justify the $250+ for some minor upgrades. This is coming from someone who upgrades a smartphone every 8 to 12 months 🤷‍♂️

  8. Sounds like a gear S 3 frontier to me nothing new just tha 8 gigs of memory an battery life Samsung don't do your watches like Apple u knw what i mean old shit different body

  9. Yeah but we have to remember Galaxy watch active 2 has ECG in the top bottom and can take your blood pressure too but neither feature is activated, so I'm doubtful they will be activated on the new Galaxy Watch at least not in the U.S. 🤷🏾‍♂️ #reasonsnottobuy

  10. I guess it my last experience with Samsung products I have galaxy watch its super slow sometime lagging for no reason and I have heat problem with my s9 128GB also lagging issues I am sick of android phones that's right we have unlimited features but Samsung phones and watches suffer from drop in performance by days NO CAP be real that's righ IOS AKA iPhone has no features like android but it is smooth no update delay no heat issues as Samsung no drop in performance as fast as Samsung devices they support updates longer (( I KNOW SAMSUNG BETTER BUT SLOW 🐌 LAGGING ISSUES HEATING ISSUES ))