Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Review – Is It Really That Good?

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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is Samsung’s latest smartwatch to land and it’s definitely got a lot going for it. The Watch 3 comes in 2 sizes – 41mm (US$399) and 45mm (US$429 or RM1799 here in Malaysia) and the one in review today is the former.

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  1. does this pair and function well with other brands than samsung like huawei and iphone? will it still get incoming calls and view and reply to whatsapp through the watch? thanks πŸ˜€

  2. But why no announcements and major uprising because the ECG and Blood Pressure reading options ONLY work on Samsung phones. Can't install the needed Health Monitor app on non-Samsung phones. Bah! Super Pissed that I wasted my money, this was the whole reason I bought this watch. This kind of thing is why I dropped Samsung for Pixel phone years ago. Thought I would give Samsung one more chance, and they blew it big time. Bad Move Samsung!

  3. I have owned a couple of smartwatches before from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Watch, Moto 360 2nd generation, Pebbles watch, Lenovo Watch, Huawei Band 4, Mi Band 1, 3 and 4 and currently wearing Amazfit Bip. And it all comes down to one thing. Once you bought it, there is no resale value in it (if you plan to sell it when you're bored with it). And secondly, I think the battery life for this watch sucks big time, definitely no competition to Xiaomi's watches. In my opinion, I think Mi Bands are far more cheaper and practical. Sorry bro, this insight of mine has no intention of flaming you or anyone here. It is just my 2 cents. Anyway, great review bro.

  4. its actually not that good

    So I finally received mine in the mail. Right out of the box it demands rights to your privacy or it won't work. It ask "Allow Galaxy Watch 3 Plugin to access this device calendar? I chose deny and it closed the app, I said allow only while using the app and it closed that application. The only acceptable response is Allow all the time. That goes for everything that is "asked" (demanded), which includes phone, storage, SMS (which is understandable) but Calendar, Location, Contacts is none of your business if I don't want my watch to have it. If you don't allow these all the time then you can't use the watch or the wearable software. It still will not allow you to delete apps that you don't want (does Samsung listen?) I can't even delete the 13 watch faces that it came with. This is the equivalence of purchasing a car the refuses to let up windows when is 114 degrees outside. It still forces you to have Bixby without the option to delete it. The band looks awesome on YouTube and the box casing, but in person the band is cheap and flat as a pancake, and squeaks as if it came from the dollar store. The watch was promised to be lighter and that cheap band is how it's possible . Needless to say I used the rubber band from my gear S3 which by the way still fits and also brought the weight back which wasn't heavy to begin with. After owning the Gear S3 I realize that there is really not much of a difference from watch 3 other than the price hike. Promises of the blood pressure cuff is still not on this watch or the last watch as promised. Spotify finally allows you to download offline which is awesome, but it takes a long time to access songs on your play list because of the lagging and loading that it does just to open a folder. The platform is the same, the apps are the same. It's a great watch I just don't understand how everyone makes it seem like big changes were made from the last three generations other than broken promises. I honestly only purchased this one because my gear S3 wouldn't hold a charge and Samsung didn't want to fix/warranty it anymore.

  5. at least the galaxy watch has a setting to receive vibration only on notification without waking up the screen and immediately showing the notification. and the always on display actually shows the watch face you have. but then again you get what you pay for tgats why it costs way more. what the amazfit t rex has for me over the galaxy watch is the polycarbonate g shock style body. wish the galaxy watch had budget version with more rugged g shock style bodies because some people like me like rocking those kinda watches