Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm FULL Review after One Month

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I started out with the Samsung Galaxy watch 42mm and then had some issues with the GPS. Having found the watch to be too small, for my preference, I upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm and have used it every day for a month, and continue to use it. These are my thoughts and review. Hope this helps you make your choice and whether or not this is THE watch for you.

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  1. Thanks for the review. Is it possible to turn off all vibration on the watch so that not a single alert or action will cause vibration?

  2. I purchased this watch about 3 months ago and was pretty pleased with it… At first. Didn't take long to become apparent how inaccurate it is. The step function is a bit of a joke, often recording steps when sat completely motionless in a car, on a train etc. On a recent 45min drive whilst sat motionless in the back seat, I apparently walked over 850 steps! Sleep walking perhaps?
    Speaking of sleep… The sleep function is just as inaccurate, frequently telling me I've had an hour or two sleep when I'm wide awake at work! Hope my boss doesn't see it!? Obviously, it measures a low 'resting' heart rate and assumes one has fallen asleep. Cycling, well this really is bizarre… often informs me I have ridden several kilometres, problem is that I don't even own a bike! Then we come to the swimming function… Oh boy, this is way out by hundreds of metres.
    All in all, it's just another gimmicky device they've got us to purchase, probably knowing full well it is not accurate. Into the junk draw it goes….

  3. I'd buy a Galaxy watch if they'd only support external heart rate monitors. I know there's some unofficial workaround, but it's just silly that they won't add that. Not asking for Ant+ – just BT.

  4. stopped watching at 5 mins. did you not notice during editing that the watch was out of focus most of time? good, useful info about the product but if you can even focus the camera, what's the point. no sub from me.

  5. Can you answer a question it can receive notifications like Facebook messages and respond to them. Can you start a facebook message though? Or is it only reply to a notification fb message that comes in?

  6. About to buy one later afternoon after work. You mentioned you always have AOD, will this cause any screenburns? After reading around about this issue/concern, some stated to check the serial number as it may not be an actual samsung oled used. Perhaps from china or something which is assembled at a different plant.

  7. I just bought the 42mm.for xmas . I had to exchange the first one as the pedometer and sleep monitor did not work. This new one has same issues with pedometer but the sleep monior seems to work better. I have a fitbit and a garmin. Wearing this with one of those and it gets half the steps of the other devices. This has been consistent even if I change to my dominant arm. It is a let down as part of owning the watch is using it as a sports watch. I love it for all other features. It says it is up to date so frustrated with this issue and wearing two devices.

  8. Good review. You've covered pretty much everything. As for the battery life, I get 4 days plus a few hours sometimes with moderate use (checking notifications, health/workout alerts, heart rate monitoring, etc.). I could probably get 5 days if I don't wear it all the time maybe. But having 4 days battery life I'm not asking for more. I was getting up to 2 days (barely) on my previous smartwatch (Zenwatch 3) and it didn't have even half of the features the Galaxy Watch has. I had to ditch the Zenwatch 3 eventually due to serious battery charging issues which turned the watch practically unusable.

  9. When you mate the galaxy watch with the galaxy phone it's seamless. you rarely have to pull your galaxy phone out and greatly reduces the opportunity to damage your phone. Well worth owning.

  10. I can look past the price ($549 in Australia) and maybe the HRM issue is not so widespread, and it would be a good smartwatch (Gear S3 owner myself). But I didn't like S voice on the Gear S3 and now they call it Bixby. I never used Bixby on my Note 9 and I am really disappointed that Samsung has not improved on Bixby on this smartwatch.

    I have no problem with Tizen. But Bixby (basically a renamed S voice) is my biggest issue. Sadly I'd rather stick with my Gear S3. I do hope Samsung releases a big update for the Galaxy Watch. But for now, I will skip this smartwatch because it's not for me. As much as I want to convince myself to love this smartwatch, I just can't.

  11. HR issues seems to have been fixed with patches now but I'm now having issues connecting the watch to my phone. Anyone else experiencing that?