Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ⚡️Versus ⚡️Apple Watch Series 5 – Review

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 ⚡️Versus ⚡️Apple Watch Series 5 – Review

Putting the two Smart Watch giants head to head to test their Fitness Tracking, Calls, Messaging, Navigation AND MORE! Which Smart Watch comes out on top – is it the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 or the Apple Watch Series 5? ….. What do you think?

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  1. WTF 😀 , you people !!!!! its more expensive and more buggy, but you still ALWAYS choose apple 😀 ahhhhhhhh… you are perfect materialist peoplee for Apple. hahaha

  2. Just subscribed to your channel keep up the great work and great review I have just come across from Samsung. I am a proud owner of the iPhone 10xs max 256 and series 5 Apple 🍎 watch. Love the two devices. Cheers 🥂 Ocean 🌊 from Australia 🇦🇺

  3. Interesting and confusing that you chose the Apple watch when your video you showed how the galaxy watch active 2 was clearly the better watch.

  4. I bet you that they were using the gwa2 on their iPhones and it still performed better…but they chose the apple watch … Bias fan boy selection 👌